Twitter Metrics Glossary

Twitter Metrics 

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Engagement: The number of Likes/Favourites, ReTweets, Replies and Mentions received by a Twitter account.

Engagement Rate: The total Engagement received by an Instagram account over a time period as a percentage of followers.

Engagement Rate = Engagement / Followers

Engagement Distribution: The share of Engagement received on Tweets by Engagement type (Likes/Favourites vs. ReTweets vs. Replies vs. Mentions).

Shareability: The distribution of ReTweets received on Tweets.

Likeability : Thehe distribution of Likes received on Posts.

Reply Distribution : Thehe distribution of Replies received on Posts.

Media Mix Distribution : Thehe share of media types (photo, video, status, link) used in Tweets.

Engagement by Media Type:  The average Engagement (Likes/Favourites, Replies and ReTweets) received on each media type.


Tweets:  Content (link, photo, status, video) published by a Twitter account.

Media Mix:  The number of times each media type (link, photo, status, video) was used in Tweets.

Tweet Types: The various types of Tweets published (Original Tweets, Replies or ReTweets) by a Twitter account.

Tweet Keyword Analysis:  Identification of the most frequently used words in Tweets by a Twitter account.

Engaged Users Keyword Analysis:  Identification of the words used by people who engaged with a Twitter account.


Followers:  People who follow a selected Twitter account.

Follower Growth : Thehe change in the number of Followers.

Following:  People who are followed by a selected Twitter account.

Following Growth : The change in the number of people followed.

Followers by Language: The distribution of the languages used in Tweets by engaged users.

Followers by Timezone: The distribution of the time zones of engaged users.

Top Twitter Apps: The distribution of the Twitter apps used by engaged users to publish their Tweets.

Top Followers By Engagement:  The most loyal Followers who engage frequently with a selected Instagram account over a specified time range.

Top Followers by Influence: The most influential Followers that engaged with a selected Twitter account over a specified time range.

Customer Service

Response Time:  The length of time it took for a Twitter account to respond to a Tweet.

Response Rate: The percentage of Tweets that a Twitter account has replied to.

Response Time by Hour: The length of time it took for a Twitter account to respond to Tweets, by hour of day.

Response Time by Day:  The length of time it took for a Twitter account to respond to Tweets, by day of week.

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