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Ninjababble Find Micro-influencers on Instagram

Find Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Quickly find influential tastemakers in your niche on Instagram. Then target them to create a ripple effect that will extend your reach through 1000’s of Instagram feeds.

Track any Public Account or Competitor

Keep tabs on the competition and see every move they make. Track every person who interacts with your competitors down to the post level.

Ninjababble Instagram Competitive Analysis
Instagram Stories Analytics

Track Instagram Stories

Automate your Instagram Stories analysis and reporting with professional, beautiful, presentation-ready reports.

Own the Boardroom, you Ninja

View your Instagram data the way you want. See the big picture with our birds-eye overviews or drill-down into every single like and comment at the post level.

Ninjababble Track Contests and Campaigns
Ninjababble Rapidly Increase your Instagram Followers and Engagement

Rapidly Increase your Instagram Followers and Engagement

Target the top engagers who are highly active and win them over to your account to dramatically increase your followers and engagement rate.