Instagram Analytics

Measure, benchmark and optimize your Instagram
presence with professional reporting that is easy to use.

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Track Accounts

Measure your Instagram performance, track engagement and understand your audience.

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Monitor Competitors

Keep a tab on the competition and benchmark your Instagram performance.

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Identify Advocates

Discover the most influential and important Instagram followers for your brand.

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Download All Followers

Crowdbabble offers two download options in Excel format.

For your account, a list of all your followers

For any account, a list of all users who have liked and commented on each post

Request a download through this form.

One Dashboard to Manage Them All

View all your Instagram accounts at a glance from a single dashboard.

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Paint the Big Picture with Unique Visualizations

Tell your social media story with birds-eye overviews of your Instagram accounts.

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Drill Down into Your Instagram Analytics

Dig deeper into the details of your Instagram performance to explore further.

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Own the Boardroom

View your Instagram data the way you want – on the web, or export to image, Excel/CSV and PDF with 1-click!

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View Instagram Reports in Your Local Time Zone

Leave behind the days of having to manually time-shift your Instagram analytics. View your Instagram reports in any time zone you want.

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Take Your Reporting to Ninja-Levels (Advanced)

Slice and dice your Instagram data like a true ninja and discover new ways to optimize your Instagram presence. Reporting superpowers await!

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