Crowdbabble Puts Social Media Superpowers In Your Hands

Look like a social media rockstar with just a couple of clicks. It couldn’t get any simpler.


Improve Engagement and Social ROI

Professional reports that help you understand your audience so that you can improve the way you interact with them.

1-Click Export for Charts

Do you need to create a presentation or report? Quickly download any chart as an image and insert into PowerPoint or Keynote.

Visualize your Social Media Performance

Paint the big picture for the CEO or client with visualizations that tell the story.

Track the Growth of Key Metrics

From Page Likes to Engagement Rate to Negative Feedback, track the metrics that are important for your business with over 100+ different reports.

Drill-Down for In-Depth Analysis

Do you want to understand why something happened? Drill-down into the details and identify the drivers of your social performance.

Optimize your Social Media Content

Learn which content works best for your audience by comparing the performance of your posts.