Facebook Metrics Glossary

Facebook Public Metrics

Metrics Available for Any Facebook Page


Stories Created on Page Posts: The total number of likes, comments and shares received on your Posts.

Change in Page Likes: The difference in the number of Page Likes over a period of time.

Share of Stories Created: The breakdown of stories created on page posts by engagement type (Likes, Comments and Shares).

Likeability: The distribution of Likes received on Page Posts.

Conversation Depth: The distribution of Comments received on Page Posts.

Shareability: The distribution of Shares received on Page Posts.

Media Mix: The various types of media used in a set of Page Posts.

Likes, Comments, and Shares by Media Type: The average number of Likes, Comments and Shares by media type.


Post Type: A Facebook post could be a Photo, Video, Status, or a Link.

Fan Post: A Post publicly published to the Wall of your Facebook Page by a Facebook user.

Media Mix: The number of times each media type (photo, video) was used in Posts.

Impressions, post reach, and other metrics are available in Crowdbabble’s Facebook Insights reports, which can be used for accounts that you have administrator access to.


Page Likes (Fans): People who Like your Facebook Page.

Page Like Growth: The change in Page Likes over a given time period.

Customer Service

Response Time: The length of time it took for the Page to respond to a Fan Post.

Response Rate: The percentage of Fan Posts that the Page has responded to with a Comment.

Acknowledgement Rate: The percentage of Fan Posts that the page has either responded to with a Comment and/or a Like.

Response Time By Hour: The length of time it took for the Page to respond to Fan Posts, by hour of day.

Response Time by Day: The length of time it took for the Page to respond to Fan Posts, by day of week.

Facebook Metrics Glossary
  1. Facebook Insights Metrics (for pages you have administrator access to)
  2. Facebook Competitive Reports Metrics (for Crowdbabble’s Competitive Reports, which compare multiple Facebook pages)
  3. Facebook Public Metrics (for any Facebook page)