Feb.08Invitation to Crowdbabble Private Beta

Your Invitation to Crowdbabble Private Beta

Here’s a quick update about the Crowdbabble private beta invitations.

When we launched the Crowdbabble private beta, we decided to go with a gradual rollout, rather than a big bang approach. We sent out invitations in batches of 50 people at a time.

Invitation to Crowdbabble Private BetaThe thought process being that this would be easier for us to monitor our servers, bandwidth requirements and user behaviour with smaller groups of people accessing the site, rather than flooding the site with hundreds of users at once. The last thing we want is to send everyone to a site that takes forever to load or for the server to hang because too many people are making requests at the same time.

Of course we’ve performed our own internal testing and quality assurance, but thereโ€™s no substitute for real humans using the app in real ways. You just can’t simulate the same kind of real volume in a lab environment.

What does this mean for you? Basically, if you’ve requested access and have not received it yet, don’t worry. We’re not ignoring you! We just want to make sure your experience with Crowdbabble is a positive one.