As Mindy Lahiri — poet, doctor, fictional character — once said: best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier.

Instagram isn’t just for pushing content. Whether you’re on the platform as a brand or an individual, Instagram is a great way to connect with your followers. But how do you know which ones are connecting with you? Who are your best friends on Instagram?

Most Instagram users have a rough idea about who their engaged followers are, but it’s easy to neglect them when you’re liking and commenting on posts. Crowdbabble for Hootsuite’s Most Engaged Followers feature solves that problem. For brand managers on Instagram, your Most Engaged Followers are your brand advocates: they engage with your content more than anyone else. These users are more likely to convert to become customers, and to convert other users as well. How can you keep them close?

Keep Up Your Connections

With Most Engaged Followers, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your closest connections on the platform. When your Instagram BFFs like and comment on your Instagram, you can return the favour without opening the app — from Hootsuite.

First, add the Crowdbabble stream to your Hootsuite dashboard and log into your Instagram account. In the Now and 30 Day views, you’ll see your three biggest fans listed under Most Engaged Followers. These are the people who like and comment on your content the most. Their own follower counts are also displayed, so you can gage how influential they are.


In the Now view, most engaged followers is based on likes and comments over the past seven days, while the 30 Day view captures the past 30 days (shocking, we know). Clicking the Most Engaged Follower’s profile picture or username will open their profile in Instagram. Here, you can like and comment on their content to keep up your reciprocal relationship.


The Now view offers an additional feature: the Latest Post from Most Engaged Followers. Latest Post saves you from having to filter through your Instagram feed to find content that you should be engaging with. Opening the post with the chevron, you can view the media and its description — clicking it will open the content in Instagram so you can like and comment on it.


Last Post saves you time and makes it easier to keep your brand advocates engaged. By keeping up your end of the relationship — liking and commenting on their posts — you’ll keep those positive relationships going.


Most Engaged Followers helps you understand how your Instagram BFFs are changing. Are any Most Engaged Followers listed in the 30 Day view not shown in the Now view? That means that they’re not engaging with your content as much as they normally do. If you’re a brand on Instagram keen to keep the advocates you have, this would be a cue to reach out to them to bring their attention back to your content.

Track Your Advocates

Crowdbabble for Hootsuite provides your top three followers by engagement, but what if you want to track more? Crowdbabble’s main app will allow you to rank your entire follower base by engagement, so you can keep tabs on all your advocates.

Once you’ve signed into Crowdbabble, navigate to the Follower tab of the Instagram account you want to analyze. Top Followers by Engagement is a table that allows you to rank followers by likes, comments, and engagement (likes and comments added together).


@HillaryClinton’s most engaged followers on Instagram, according to Crowdbabble, are vocal and active. Commenting is the bulk of their engagement, rather than (more passive) liking. Using the date selector in the top right hand corner, you can set a custom date range.

The ability to set custom date ranges opens up a wealth of new data that can help you refine your strategy and find new advocates. Who advocated for your brand this week last year, and what has changed since then? Have you lost or gained any advocates over the past 6 months? Has engagement by your advocates increased or decreased? These are all questions you can answer using the Top Followers by Engagement tool in Crowdbabble.

Going deeper, you can also add the accounts of your most engaged followers to Crowdbabble to find out their top keywords and hashtags on Instagram. This is useful if your engaged followers are also influencers: once you know what they’re favourite topics on Instagram, posting content to Instagram that matches it will only bring them closer.


Find More Instagram BFFs

Comparing your most engaged follower from the past 7 days, 30 days, and beyond using Hootsuite and Crowdbabble will give you key information about how your follower base and advocates are shifting. Comparing these shifts to your content calendar will help you pinpoint the content that appeals to your advocates (or pushes them away). And your advocates will love it when you like and comment on their posts (that Crowdbabble finds for you in Hootsuite via Latest Posts).


Using Crowdbabble and Hootsuite together can help you keep your followers close on Instagram, while giving you the insight you need to attract new advocates. With more reciprocal relationships on Instagram, your likes and comment per post will increase.

As it gets easier for you to convert followers into advocates, your tier of best friends on Instagram should grow. This BFF boost will translate into higher engagement, which gives you the best chance of being seen in your followers’ feeds.


How can you find your next brand advocates on Instagram? Crowdbabble, a free app for Hootsuite, lists your most engaged followers. It's easy. #socialmedia #marketing