Finding and connecting with Instagram influencers has become a huge part of a social media manager’s job. It’s not an easy one, but the potential rewards are too big to pass up.

Turning influencers into brand advocates offers the tantalizing possibility of your brand going viral, helped along by the influencer’s large audience. Keeping up with influencers via an Instagram feed can be challenging: posts (and opportunities to engage) are easy to miss.

What about looking for influencers among your own followers? Crowdbabble’s new app for Hootsuite identifies influential followers and delivers their latest posts, taking the work out of managing those key relationships.

Influencers In Your Network

Crowdbabble keeps tabs on your influential followers for you, making it easier for brands to nurture relationships that have already been initiated. These influencers, because they follow you, are already interested in your content and brand.

To access the influencers in your network, log in to Hootsuite and add the Crowdbabble stream to your dashboard.


Once you’ve logged in to the stream using your Instagram account, your influencers are ready for analysis. Most Influential Followers are listed in the Now view. This feature ranks all of your followers by the size of their own following and displays the top three.

These are the followers with the biggest audience on Instagram. Encouraging them to engage with and potentially regram your content would boost your impressions. As a bonus, these influencers are already engaged with your content: to encourage an even closer bond, you should engage with theirs. By clicking on the account name or photo, the influencer’s account will open in a new tab. Here, you can follow them back and engage with their content.


When you initiate engagement with influencers, you encourage them to reciprocate. This reciprocity builds a relationship that could turn your influential followers into brand advocates. With Crowdbabble for Hootsuite, you don’t have to skim through your Instagram feeds for posts from your most influential followers — in some cases, you might not even be able to find their posts, because you don’t follow them back.

Using the View Last Post from Most Influential tool, you can quickly find your influencers’ content and engage with it. Clicking the post will open it in Instagram, where you can engage with it.


Check the Last Post for content that you should like and comment on in order to engage with your influencers. Last Post refreshes any time your top three influencers post, and your Most Influential Followers refreshes anytime an influencer follows (or unfollows) you.

Expand Your Network of Influencers

What if you want to add more influencers to your network on Instagram? With Crowdbabble’s main app, you can access the analytics for any account. This will give you key demographic information for the audiences that your influencers could give your brand.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address with Crowdbabble, you can add any Instagram account. Adding the accounts of your Most Influential Followers will give you actionable insights about their behaviour.

These people already follow you, so when you know the right conversation starters, connecting with them is easy.

Find Your Influencers’ Favourite Topics


If you understand what topics and hashtags your influencers use the most, you’ll know what to include in your own content in order to reach them. Luckily, you don’t have to study their feeds and read every post to do figure out what your influencers want to talk about. There’s a better way: Crowdbabble’s keyword and hashtag analytics.

In the Content tab of Crowdbabble, keyword analysis displays the words used the most in post descriptions in two ways: a bar chart and a word cloud. These keywords give you vital information about your influencers’ interests: you can see clearly what they like to post about the most, and what they visit Instagram to engage with.


Let’s imagine that @BernieSanders follows you on Instagram and is one of your Most Influential Followers. In the example above, we can clearly see that his content centers around a few key themes:  workers, justice, and liberty. If you wanted to build your relationship with the influencer, you could focus on content and keywords with similar themes.

When you know their favourite topics and hashtags, it’s easy to create content that connects with them.

Find Your Influencers’ Favourite Hashtags

You can also engage with your influencers by using their favourite hashtags. The second graph in the Hashtag tab on Crowdbabble’s main app tells you which hashtags your influencer has used the most. Like the keyword analysis, Post by Hashtag indicates the influencer’s favourite topics to post about on Instagram — as well as their tone and even their posting locations.

Posts_by_#Hashtag (2)

Donald Trump’s favourite hashtags on Instagram include: #trumptrain, #trump2016, and #makeamericagreatagain. If @realDonaldTrump was one of your Most Influential Followers on Instagram, you would have a higher chance of catching his attention and initiating a conversation if you used those hashtags.

Knowing the favourite hashtags and keywords of your influencers will keep them interested in your content and encourage them to engage with your brand. You’re more likely to succeed in connecting with your influencers when you personalize your approach. Meeting them on their own turf – topics and hashtags that they care about – ups your chances of turning them into brand advocates.

Influencer Management Relief

Panicking about how to find and connect with influencers? Using Hootsuite in tandem with Crowdbabble should take the anxiety (and most of the work) out of managing those key relationships.

Crowdbabble’s application for Hootsuite identifies your influential followers and delivers content for you to engage with. Going a step further, Crowdbable’s main app gives you the information you need to cater to your influencers and even target them individually. By using the two tools together, finding and engaging influencers is no longer such a daunting task — it could become the easiest part of your job.


Who are your most influential followers on Instagram? Finding influencers to connect with is easy on Crowdbabble, a new app for Hootsuite. Adding a Crowdbabble stream to your dashboard is free. #socialmedia #marketing