What Filters Will Get You More Followers on Instagram?

X Pro II or Valencia? Choosing an Instagram filter that your followers will love is tough. You want your photos and videos to look their best, but you also want to choose filters that will give you a boost on your followers’ feeds. Which filter is the most engaging?

Tracking your filter performance can save you time on Instagram. When you know what your followers like and comment on the most, you can give your content the best chance of beating Instagram’s new algorithm. By using Hootsuite and Crowdbabble together, you can find out which filters drive engagement. You might even find out that #nofilter is your best bet (it is for Hillary Clinton, while Bernie Sanders does best with Juno).

Filters Your Followers Love Now

Say this five times fast: Five filters followers favourite.

Okay, now you’re ready for this section of the post.

You can find out your followers’ preferences by adding the Crowdbabble app to Hootsuite. Once you login to Hootsuite, you can add a Crowdbabble stream through the apps panel.


Once you’ve added Crowdbabble, login to the Instagram account you want filter analytics for. After you login, Crowdbabble will begin to collect data about what your followers engage with the most — turning it into key insights about your hashtags, filters, and other metrics.

The 30 day view of the Crowdbabble stream will show you your top five filters by likes and comments over, you guessed it, the past 30 days. Scrolling down to the bottom of the 30 day view, you will find Hashtag and Filter performance. Under filters, you can see the filters that your followers have liked and commented on the most. These are the five filters your followers favourite the most (aren’t you glad you practiced?).


If you want to help your posts succeed, choosing a filter that your followers already gravitate towards. In the example above, followers like and comment on Normal (#nofilter!) and Gingham perform the best. Want to see what filters your followers love now? Check out Your Most Engaging Filters in the Now view to see their most recent preferences.

Adding your Crowdbabble stream in Hootsuite saves you time when choosing filters for your post. You can quickly find the hashtags, filters, and post times that give your content the best chance of succeeding, then include it in your posts without changing tabs.

Find Long-Time Favourites

What if none of the favourite filters from the past 30 days appeal? You can find filters your followers have loved longer via Crowdbabble’s main site. The main Crowdbabble site complements its app for Hootsuite by providing the same metrics in more depth — plus others that would be useful to brand managers. If you want to see what filters your followers loved, say, last summer, or over the past two years, you can change the time period and then navigate to the Content tab.

The filters section of the Content tab displays your most engaging filters and your most used filters. Comparing them side by side, you can see the gaps in your filter strategy: maybe the filter you’ve used the most isn’t the one that drives engagement.


The above example shows the filter choices for @realDonaldTrump. When he isn’t going #nofilter, the Donald prefers Low Fi: the blurry filter that’s equivalent to smearing Vaseline on the camera lens.

Like the Drumpf, Bernie Sanders prefers to go #nofilter (normal). But he’s also much more likely to use filters, especially Clarendon. The filter that Sanders’ followers respond to most is Juno, which he rarely uses.

berniesanders_Posts_by_Filter (4)

But what filters to your followers respond to the most? Let’s look at likes and comments per post for GQ, which runs a pretty snazzy Instagram. Their hipster followers are the most likely to comment on @GQ’s posts when they use the Mayfair filter, followed by Normal and Lo-Fi.


Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics Top Filters

But! GQ’s most engaging filter is not its most used filter. As shown above, there’s a mismatch in a critical aspect of content for attracting more followers: @GQ goes #nofilter the most, but posting more photos with Mayfair would lead to higher engagement.

In Crowdbabble’s main app, if your most engaging filters and most used filters match, you know you’re doing a good job.

The Perfect Filter

By combining filter data from the past 30 days in Hootsuite and longer time periods in Crowdbabble’s main app, you can find the perfect filter for your content. Using Hootsuite and Crowdbabble together takes the anxiety out of choosing a filter, by taking guesswork out of the process.

By choosing your filters based on follower engagement data, you’ll give your content the best chance of attracting likes and comments on Instagram. And with the new algorithm, those every like and comment will push you higher on your follower’s feeds, where they can notice and enjoy it.


What filter is the best one for you to use to get more followers? It depends on what your followers love. Find out when your followers are the most active with Crowdbabble, a free analytics app for Hootsuite.