Feb.23Social Media Data Analytics Time Zone

Viewing Social Media Data in Your Local Time Zone

Social Media Data Analytics and TimezoneA common point of frustration for marketers who analyze social media is how to obtain the social media data in their own local time zone. If your organization leverages social media data to support decision making, it’s critical to get the data into your local time zone.

The challenge is the lack of consistency amongst social networks and data providers.

For example, some social networks provide data based on GMT. However, the largest social network, Facebook, provides their Insights data in PST because that’s the time zone their HQ is based in.

As a marketing analyst, it becomes cumbersome to combine data from numerous social networks and then have to manually offset the timings to make sure they are consistent. And then getting the data into your own local time zone is an additional step.

Also, what happens during daylight savings? Do you move your data forward an hour? Or backward? Or do you just avoid the hassle and hope for the best?

Dealing with time zones in social media analytics can make your head spin. So, we’ve made it really easy to view your reports based on any time zone of your choosing.

Login to Crowdbabble and visit the Account Settings page. Then click on the “Profile” tab.

Social Media Data Analytics and Time Zones

Once you update your time zone, all your reports will automatically update to reflect your new time zone. Reporting bliss awaits.

Now you can safely put away the tylenol! Happy analyzing…