Mar.26Crowdbabble Facebook Analytics Post Engagement - Thumbnail

We’ve made some updates to the Crowdbabble Facebook Page Report based on your feedback. You can now see Facebook analytics underneath the charts that summarize the relevant key Facebook metrics.

Crowdbabble Facebook Analytics - Fan Growth

In the Fan Growth chart above you can see there were 15,524,092 fans at on February 1 and 15,630,801 fans on February 10. You can also quickly know that 106,709 fans were added during this 10 day period which represents an increase of 0.69%.

Crowdbabble Facebook Analytics - Post Engagement

Similarly, in the Engagement on Page Posts chart above, you can see the summary below the chart. There were 1,042,535 Likes, 29,407 Comments and 72,123 Shares on the 94 Posts published by the Facebook Page from February 1 to 10.

We hope this simple but important update helps you to analyze and digest your Facebook analytics with a bit more ease.

In addition to the 2 charts above, we’ve added similar summary data to the other charts in Crowdbabble.

You can easily create your own Facebook Page Report with Crowdbabble. Go ahead and get started!