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Facebook is great for reconnecting, Instagram is fun and distracting but how can Twitter truly help? Twitter is the infamous space of the tweet or even more well known, the creator of the hashtag.

Not too long ago in 2007, one of their web specialists Chris Messina, came in with an idea. A proposal to organize their platform with a simple addition of the pound sign you see on your home telephone, to organize and find all the thoughts of their users. Fast forward to Twitter today, it’s come a long way since its creation and is now one of the top 4 most widely used social media channels in the world.

Here we have a clear idea of your most popular social sites, courtesy of Dreamgrow

The benefit of Twitter continues to grow in some ways that you may be surprised about. Believe it or not, it has value beyond hearing what your favorite celebrity had for lunch or what Trump has to say about North Korea. I’d like to take a moment to show you a few new ways that you can use Twitter, for the good times and the bad.


One of the most popular tweets of 2017 ended up coming from the need of one users love of chicken nuggets.

Carter Wilkinson, a young lad from Reno Nevada, not only reached out to @Wendy’s for some free “nuggs”, but he ended up launching a full blown campaign that blew up the Twitter space. Of course being Twitter, a hashtag had to follow suit, #NuggsForCarter, followed by a fully active site His site sells his personal clothing line for the die-hard supporters of his dream.

Carter isn’t some money hungry, nugget loving fiend, all proceeds of his shirt sales are being donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. He really is just in it for the nuggets.

Carters love for nuggets was able to beat out Obama when it comes to being the most popular retweet of 2017 with 3.6 million retweets against Obama’s tiny 1.7 million.

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Of course you can track your favorite public figures and follow the hilarious mishaps that end up trending the Twitter space, but how about during times of weather anomalies and crises? In this day and age, Twitter could be a better resource than tuning into your local weather channel, as it’s direct, fast and convenient. If a flood knocks out your power, or a storm puts you in the dark, how are you to know what else is coming your way?

During the catastrophe that was Hurricane Harvey, many families were evacuated from their homes in Houston, Texas. Times were tough, the flooding and damages done by this cyclone were the costliest on record, accumulating total damages of almost $200 billion.

Due to events such as Hurricane Harvey, resources such as the USGS Texas Water Science Center, have created accounts that give you fully automated, real-time, rain and river sensor data. Here you are able to gauge weather anomalies and assess the threat you could potentially be dealing with.

We Can All Wear Capes

The world is a big and scary place and there are always new problems to stand up and fight against, or issues that need more attention, so we can make this planet a better place to live. Twitter has the power. It can be funny, sad, touching or even powerful. Here is an average Twitter user, she doesn’t have an impressive follower base or a product she was trying to sell. She had a passion, a passion for a cause that she was personally having effect her life.

Through this one post she was not only able to make it to the top 10 list of retweets for 2017, but she was also able to draw attention to a topic that needs more awareness. You go Fiona!

In case you were wondering about the status of her daughter, I’ll leave this below…

Twitter is a powerful resource when you’re looking for an outlet that has reach, extensive content possibilities and creative freedom. You could help to save lives, relay crucial information or even fight for the rights of the all powerful gut. Twitter is your unsung hero, the voice of the people and a message to the masses that can help bring change.

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