Top Reads for Brand Managers, #movember 2016

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Here are four worthwhile reads on marketing from November 2016.

Changing Stripes: The Man Who Made Adidas Cool Again

By Reggie Ugwu (@uugwuu) for BuzzFeed

A masterclass in branding from the creative director of Adidas. An incredibly in-depth, inside story on the shoe brand’s collapse and rebuild.

Tell Your Company Story Like Tesla

By Janessa Lantz (@JanessaLantz) for ReadThink

Read the Adidas story, and want to keep learning from the best? This short piece sums up Tesla’s well-crafted appeal. If you like Tesla’s storytelling strategy, we also recommend the book Made to Stick.

The Salvation Army’s Clever Facebook 360 Photos Show Poverty Lurking Just Out of View

By David Gianatasio (@DaveGian) for Adweek

New media formats aren’t hassles to be dealt with, they’re massive opportunities for your brand. Gianatasio finds a perfect pairing of new medium and message in Salvation Army.

After Election Surprise, Marketers Rethink How to Study Consumers

By Sapna Maheshwari (@sapna) for The New York Times

If the polls were wrong, could your consumer research be flawed as well? The election is shaking up data collection and analysis in agencies across the US.

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