Dec.29Crowdbabble looking back on social media marketing in 2016 the long view

Top Reads for Brand Managers, December 2016

2016: you won’t miss it. But at least the year is ending on an insightful note, now that we can look back at the evolutions in social media marketing this year.

Here are three worthwhile reads on social media marketingĀ for a long view of 2016.

Twitter’s 10 Buzziest Global Topics of 2016

By Leslie Berland (@leslieberland) for Twitter

The most-tweeted topic this year? It wasn’t theĀ American election.

Social Media Use in 2016

By Shannon Greenwood, Andrew Perrin, and Maeve Duggan for Pew Research Centre

An overview of total users and growth in 2016 for five networks.

Facebookā€™s Year inĀ Review

By Sheida Newman for Facebook

The trending topics on Facebook for 2016, which are invisible to most users. Overlapping with Twitter, Facebookā€™s top three topics for 2016 were the election, Brazilian politics, and Pokemon Go.

6 Ways Social Media is Changing the World

By Alejandra Guzman (@petiteguz) for World Economic Forum

Social media is shaping global economics, politics, and more. This in-depth study by the World Economic Forum details how social has impacted people around the world this year, and how it might evolve in 2017.

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