Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week #4 – Fails

Due to technical difficulties…. we were delayed to post our top marketing and startup memes of the week.

What does that mean? It means this week’s Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week will be all about fails.

Startups go through a lot of interesting phases and cycles… often leading to fails. In this case, I forgot to schedule the post… therefore I have failed. So to satirize my mistake, I will share with you the funniest memes I found that satirize startup and marketing fails. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Harsh Grumpy Cat. Harsh. We know there is only a 90% fail rate for startups 🙁


The Aww subreddit is officially blocked at Crowdbabble… for good reason.


Growth hacking gets annoying without accurate data. It can be an embarrassing failure.


Never. Ever. Do this. Trust.


Friends of startup founders, please be honest. There are a few ideas that are just bad and will lead to failure. It will save everyone a lot of trouble. Otherwise, please support your friends! 🙂

Remember, with hardwork and a fantastic team, your chances of failure are lower! Keep pressing on and best of luck with your venture! 🙂