Dec.27Twitter Engagement Hourglass | Crowdbabble

Twitter Engagement Hourglass | CrowdbabbleTwitter enables information to travel in ways that was not previously possible.

Everytime we Tweet, we set off a chain of reactions that also act as a feedback mechanism. Businesses and individuals thrive, learn and grow through these reactions. Through every Tweet we compose, we try to build our network, increase our reach and earn relevance.

We now need a way to understand and measure all of these reactions that we are trying so hard to spark.

The Twitter Engagement Hourglass visualizes basic Twitter Analytics to understand the reach and virality of every Tweet we send out.ย The top half is shaped like a funnel, similar to the ones used in sales or marketing.

The bottom half is shaped like an inverted funnel, because engagement extends the reach and life of our Tweets. When we connect the two parts together, we get an object that resembles an hourglass, hence the name.

For businesses using Twitter to engage with customers, the Twitter Engagement Hourglass provides a new perspective from which to view Twitter. By understanding the reactions and reach of Tweets, businesses have an opportunity to learn about their customers and what resonates with them.