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Instagram is arguably the most exciting social media platform today. It’s spawned new companies like Iconosquare to provide basic instagram analytics platform for marketers! Even we were using the services because it was a freemium platform. We used Iconosphere to compare the data sets to see if there are any problems.

There are a lot of good things about Iconosphere that we loved because it was free! However,  we discovered that Iconosphere is converting to an paid platform. This might be difficult for marketers to continue obtaining Instagram analytics: either they are operating on a tight budget or simply need better tools that go in depth. Some are perfectly happy with what they get from Iconosquare and that’s awesome!

But what if you can do more with quadruple the features, twice the insight, half the time? What are the possibilities? We have an answer, and it’s Crowdbabble!

Crowdbabble is the fastest growing, holistic social analytics platform for marketers wanting deep level data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Marketers can take advantage of the Crowdbabble’s analytics engine that is available for all our platforms. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to consider Crowdbabble over Iconosquare.

Cheaper for Multiple Accounts
Iconosquare’s new paid model is invoiced by Instagram account. That means for every account you link up to their platform, it’s a separate charge. For example, if you have 3 Instagram accounts with Iconosquare using the elite package, that will be $15/month per account, so $45 a month.

Crowdbabble’s pricing model is different, we don’t charge for every account connected. For the $50 plan, we allow users to connect  5 social accounts , they can be a mix of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They all have the same features as Iconosquare and then some, so you don’t have sacrifice anything! Even for our basic plan, we provide PNG, PDF, and Excel exports for all users!

For only $50 a month,  we are able to support more social accounts with deeper level insights than Iconosquare. It’s a more complete solution for marketers to take advantage of!

Competitor Reports
Because Crowdbabble supports multiple types of social media, we offer something called competitor reports. You can build competitor reports with Crowdbabble that span across all your social media channels. Chances are you might want analytics to see how you competitors are performing Many of our customers use competitor when wish to compare how their Instagram account performed on the same day and even same location, like a conference! Ionosphere only allows for one account to be hooked up, making it difficul to see the analytics of other accounts. This is where Crowdbabble has a distinct advantage!

For other features, outlined a breakdown comparison of Iconosquare and Crowdbabble:

Feature Iconosquare Plus Iconosquare Elite Crowdbabble Pro
Overview Yes Yes Yes
Rolling Month Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Content Yes Yes Yes
Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Engagement Yes Yes Yes
Community Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Updates Yes Yes Yes
Rolling Weekly Reports Yes Yes
Rolling Monthly Reports Yes Yes
Hashtag Reports Yes Yes
Ad Reports Yes Yes
Customer Service Yes Yes
Hashtag Reports Yes Beta
Brand Reports Yes
Competitor Reports Yes
PDF Export Yes
Excel Export Yes
PNG Export Yes
Additional Users Yes
IG Accounts Per Plan 1 1 5
Price per Account $5/month $15/month $10/month
Price for 5 Accounts $25/month $75/month $50/month

Like what you see? Then sign up for trial! If you are coming from Iconosquare, send me an email with a screenshot and/or account details to and we’ll determine if you might be eligible for a special Crowdbabble treat! 🙂

Happy Analyzing!