Nov.30Instagram Stories Remix Feature Update

The How-To of Instagrams New Feature: Instagram Remix

What is Instagram Remix?

You can now up your DM game by having more playful conversations with stickers that address what you are replying to. Instagram Remix allows you to add the picture you are replying to in your shot. I’ll walk you through all of the new steps so that this new feature will become second nature.

How to Use Instagram Remix

Now you can start this process one of  two ways – opening up a conversation with a picture you’d like to reply to or opening up a story.

Instagram Remix - Stories Start            Instagram Stories Inbox Remix Influence

Once your picture is perfect and you’d like to send out your Instagram Remix you’ll notice on the bottom you have the option to “allow replay” or “one view”. Now I’ve tried this a few different ways to see if I can find a solution, but it seems that “allow replay” is the only way that your friend on the other end will be able to comment back with a sticker of your picture.

Instagram Remix - Christmas Tree

Here is the fun part – once you’ve received a picture you click the camera to reply back with a sticker of it included. You are still able to include all of the stickers, filters, mark ups that you normally would. You can also adjust the size of your Instagram Remix to have it be as relevant as you’d like.

Instagram Remix - Christmas Tree Finished

The last tip I have to offer … you are able to replay your Instagram Remix as long as you stay in the conversation, the minute you back out – POOF!

Now get back out there and give it a try you savvy marketer you!

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