Aug.15The Facebook Engagement Hourglass by Crowdbabble

The Facebook Engagement Hourglass by Crowdbabble
If you’re the administrator of a Facebook page, it’s challenging to report performance to the client or the CEO.

You live in the trenches, knee-deep in Facebook analytics such as PTAT, Reach and Engagement. On the other hand, the CEO/client doesn’t understand the difference between Likes and PTAT even though you’ve explained it to them a million times.

In reality, we get so engrossed in Facebook metrics that we fail to see the big picture impact of our Facebook presence. Then it becomes impossible for us to communicate the value of what we are doing on Facebook to the CEO/client!

Facebook Analytics – a Gift and a Curse

Facebook’s goldmine of data is simultaneously a gift and a curse for marketers.

It’s a gift because you can measure Facebook activity at granular level. You can measure the number of people who are clicking on your links, viewing your photos and playing your videos. You can even get more advanced and track conversions to business objectives.

On the flip side, the curse of Facebook data is that you become overwhelmed by it. It becomes confusing, you get lost and you forget what you were measuring in the first place.

Introducing the Crowdbabble Facebook Engagement Hourglass

To help you with this issue, Crowdbabble is introducing a number of new visualizations that help us understand the big picture.

The first visualization is the Crowdbabble Facebook Engagement Hourglass.

The Facebook Engagement Hourglass by Crowdbabble
The Crowdbabble Facebook Engagement Hourglass provides a summary of the activity on your Facebook Page for a time range that you select. You can measure for 7 days, 30 days, 60 days or a custom date range if you want to see the impact of a specific campaign.

If you’re a brand, your CxO/manager/boss will love you for this. If you’re an agency, your client will appreciate you for breaking it down for them.

The Crowdbabble Facebook Engagement Hourglass will be rolled out to all Crowdbabble users along with a number of other reports. If you’re a Crowdbabble user, you’ll have access it to it shortly.

If you’re not a Crowdbabble user, you’ll be up and running in less than a minute with the Crowdbabble free trial.