6 of the Best Repost Apps for Instagram

So, you have mastered your own signature style of photography, and the intensity that the Clarendon filter is adding to your selfie of the day is making those vibrant colours pop! You have all the right hashtags in place, and your #photooftheday is now bound for greatness on the world’s most favorite photo sharing social platform.

Business is always calling on Instagram through community connections and relationships, and all the hard work you have put in gives your photos have that va-va-voom that engages people. So what happens during your once in a blue moon lazy days where all you want to do is re-gram one of your favorites and move on?

Where is that repost button Instagram?

Well, on Facebook, you can press share, easy peasy. On Twitter? Hit the retweet button. Instagram? Urgh…No regram button available, unless of course, yours is a brand or influencer public account that can enjoy Instagram’s latest re-share feature, which is really good for business by the way.

Instagram thrives on the freshness of its user-generated content, and perhaps its hesitance on incorporating a simple regram button has gone a long way in keeping Instagram the go-to site for all selfie lovers globally.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says that it is all in a bid to keep Instagram ‘nice’. And he has a point on that one. If you take into consideration, Facebook’s woes brought about by the reposting of spammed content of the not-so-nice nature.

You can use Buffer to repost if you have that account, which might make it easier in the long run, but depending on your type of Buffer account, but you will probably have to approve and send it directly from your phone anyway. That all depends on your type of Buffer account and if you’ve properly connected your other social assets to Buffer for your Instagram account.

So how do you repost on Instagram?

It is not utterly impossible to reshare content on Instagram. You can take a screenshot of the content you want to reshare then go through the whole convoluted editing process on the app to repost.

You can also share any Instagram post to other social media sites quite easily on both desktop and phone versions of Instagram.

Here are the basic instructions on how to share any post you want:

  1. Find the post you want to share. In this example, I want to share this positive post from Tom’s Shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie (below).

2. Using the ‘…’ in the bottom right corner, ‘share’ this post. You’ll get these choices on where you can share. Of course, one noticeable omission (as we previously discussed) is Instagram. There just isn’t a way to share to your own Instagram account automatically.

3. Choose they way you wan to share and you’re off to the races. Of course, this doesn’t help you ‘regram’ but it does help you share an Instagram post that you like to other social media outlets (or a friend)!

If you want to share or ‘regram’ directly in Instagram, why not use an Instagram repost app that will condense the whole process and even add a watermark to avoid plagiarism claims? Wouldn’t that make life that much easier?

Below is a list of six of the best Instagram reposting apps available out there:

1. Repost for Instagram

Repost is free both for Android and iOS and works like a charm. It does not require an annoying separate log in too to repost. You can regram on it without a need to log into your Instagram account.

All you have to do is tap on the three little dot menu next to your post of choice to copy the URL then open up Repost for Instagram. The copied URL will then be available for the repost.

This app has useful options to assist in resharing. For example, you can choose the color of your watermark as well as where to place it on your image or video. Repost for Instagram is intuitive and easy to use and is minimal on intrusive ads.

You can use it to repost both videos and photos, and while it has the app’s watermark, you can hide it if you use the pro version. Alternatively, use its dark or light theme to merge the credit better with your reposts.

2. Repost for Instagram- Regrann

Perfect both for iOS and Android, Repost by Regrann is another free Instagram reshare tool. It does not require a separate log in too to repost your favorite videos or photos and has no in-app purchases either.

You will have no intrusive ads and no brand watermarks to deal with.

Regrann has an interactive 30-second video tutorial to help you get acquainted with it, fast. To reshare with Regrann, use the 3 dots on your right hand of your app to copy the URL of the post you intend to share then press the Instagram icon button.

Regrann’s regramming works for public photos only and the app allows you to credit the original author of your shared post via a watermark.

3. Insta Repost for Instagram

Insta Repost for Instagram is iOS based and has one of the easiest tutorial videos making it the perfect app for regram novices. It has an Insta feed to enable you to access those glammed up selfies from the app so that you do not have to keep switching between the app and Instagram.

InstaRepost also allows you to save posts you’d like to regram later on so that your account can stay fresh when you are having a busy day and have no downtime to search for worthy-share posts.

Just like most other reshare apps you can also use the old school method of resharing by clicking the copy share area on your app first then opening up your Insta Repost.

On the downside, it will place an Insta Repost watermark on your reshares besides the author credit watermark it automatically places on them. Its ads can be a bit annoying too, and you can only get rid of them by purchasing the pro version on Google Play or the iOS store.

4. Repost and Save for Instagram

This app has ads as well as in-app purchases, but it has a very intuitive regramming app. Its most innovative feature is its ability to save Instagram posts from your Instagram app by saving your copy share links while on it.

This feature is perfect for Instagram Stories reposts. To reshare, what you have to do then is open your  Repost and Save for Instagram app and access all the images saved from your early foray on Instagram.

The app has options on the color usage of frames as well as the color of its watermark. To unlock all its features though you have to pay for them.

5. Repost – Photo and Video Download and Save

Repost – Photo and Video Download and Save has everything you need to post creative reshares, enabling you to add texts and stickers with just a few taps.

Add your emojis and drawings to wow your audience on it too.

With it, you can not only reshare your favourite videos and photos, but also download and save them if you love them.
Its reshare function works through the copy share URL function on top of each post. Its watermark is transparent enough too to ensure that it does not impede on the flow of your posts.

6. EzRepost+ Repost for Insta

If you are one of the many Instagrammers who love to regram but hate to use the copy share URL function, then EzRepost+ is the app for you. You can also download videos and photos from your Instagram feed and repost them with its easy caption copying feature.

How to Regram the Right Way

It is proper to leave your reshares as original as possible and give credit to its author. Give a shout out too to the creator of the post or ensure that there is a watermark that points to the author. For businesses, get explicit consent before reposting content that you have not created to avoid potential lawsuits on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Now you have no more reason to take those annoying screenshots when reposting your favorite Instagram posts. Get yourself a regram app and ‘gram away. This will not only grow your engagement with your audience but will help you build solid online relationships as well. If you regram, others will regram you too.

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