Jun.23Instagram Analytics

Every marketer knows that there are specific posting dates that drive the highest engagement. For example, Latergramme’s analysis of 61,000 posts shows that Wednesday has the highest engagement rate: 4.9%. However, every marketer also knows that all markets are different. We wanted to provide you with a snapshot of the top Instagram posting dates across three industries using Crowdbabble’s innovative time-parting tool. The data runs from May 1rst to June 22nd.


Engagement peaks on Tuesday and Friday. It tracks very closely to post frequency, however on Monday for example, each post did not generate the level of engagementgenerated on Tuesday or Friday. Conclusion: Starbucks lovers hate Mondays.


Nike’s followers are all over the place, but one thing is clear: they love Nike on Tuesday. Remember this data is aggregated over 2 months, so this wasn’t a fluke fantastic post that drove up the engagement. Nike marketers should shift their focus to Tuesday, and stop driving up the post rate on Monday when engagement rates are low.


GQ readers’ post activity peaks on Monday, as does their engagement. However, their best engagement return on the least number of posts was on Friday. In other words, Friday has the best ROI.

There’s plenty of data on the internet about the best posting dates and times, but data about a food and beverage company is useless to a marketer at a sports apparel company – obviously. That’s why we’re giving you the tools to really understand your market.