Team Crowdbabble’s Favourite Apps to Get’er Done

As you might already know, we are a startup. Crowdbabble was founded on the idea of making social media analytics accessible to everyone. Our team is dedicated to give everyone a chance to become rock stars in social media. How do we do it? Our team the apps and the music we love.

Crowdbabble has a diverse team but what’s more diverse is our favourite apps and music that we all use to make Crowdbabbble better for you. We have our quirks but it somehow all works.

We wanted to share our favourite apps and work music for a taste of how much value it brings to us at Crowdbabble.

Abbas – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Of course. Abbas’ favourite app is Crowdbabble. This was initially his side project when he was running a marketing firm in order to speed up the process to make insights and provide analytics for his clients. Crowdbabble is now a full-fledged company with a team dedicated to building an analytics platform that is accessible. Crowdbabble has a lot of features but Abbas loves the PDF exports he gets in his email. The app allows you to schedule PDF exports of your analytics without having to log into Crowdbabble.

Instagram Analytics Excel CSV Export Competitors

Abbas’ crown jewel. If there is one app that has dramatically changed the way we handle customers, it’s Intercom. Intercom makes everything easier for customers to reach us if they need support in an organized, non-segmented way. Best of all there is automatic messaging to keep users engaged! From a customer service standpoint, offering an instant connection for help has made the experience we provide at Crowdbabble that much more important to the user experience.

Abbas loves DJ Premier’s Instrumentals when he needs to crush some messages through Intercom.

Andrew – Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew needs to sort a lot of  documents. He also needs to keep his life organized so both of his favourite apps are around cloud productivity software.

Evernote is one of Andrew’s go tos. He uses it for everything including making notes in meetings for new products and partnerships. Best of all, everything is in the cloud which makes it easy to share and change without his laptop. You often see Andrew open up 50 tabs on Chrome but he often uses Evernote to save content from websites so he can work with it later.

Google Drive & Sheets
Andrew is also a huge fan of Google’s suite of services. One of Andrew’s main tasks is planning all the activities of the companies and he exclusively relies on Google Drive and Sheets. Andrew is a master at Google Sheets. Anything numbers and planning, you can get it’s done on the cloud with Google Sheets. He makes highly complex and yet user-friendly spreadsheets that can be used for Scrum and lead generation marketing. Google Drive for the Mac brings everything together so he is able to get offline access to all his files. Andrew is a commuter so having access without the Internet is a huge bonus for him.

Andrew’s favourite productivity album when working  is literally anything by Xavier Rudd.

Katie – UI/UX Designer 

Fullstory is amazing. Katie is one of our UX researchers and she uses Fullstory to study the front page and the app. Fullstory allows companies to watch and track events of users as if we are recording their screen. It’s like a hidden camera! We have learned a lot from using Fullstory especially to what issues customers are facing when they experience the app. Katie has made small, but important changes from just watching users interact with Crowdbabble. A few of our other team members also use the app for other UX needs.

Katie is also our designer and of course, Photoshop is her weapon and she slays any UX challenge. Photoshop has been around long enough without needing any further explanation but Katie uses Photoshop daily without fail!

Katie loves her some Arcade Fire when she needs to conjure up a few designs.

Manu – Senior Engineer

Our senior engineer Manu adores Sublime. Sublime is a text editor for developers that allows for multiple integrations and plugins across various other platforms. It’s easy to use and customize Sublime for your needs. Sublime also has a distraction free mode. At Crowdbabble, Manu would often enter distraction free mode to hammer out the code to help our customers and build new features. Best of all, it’s free!

Manu’s favourite song when coding is Post Malone’s White Iverson.

Marcel – Software Engineer

Linux Console
Marcel is a simple man. When asked about his favourite app or tool, Marcel immediately went to the linux console. Our only Linux user on the team, Marcel is a wizard when it comes to using the console for every facet of development. Anytime you ask Marcel about something, you usually see him using the console to help answer your need. The console is everything to him and it’s why it’s his favourite tool.

Marcel loves Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner Vol 1 when he needs to fix our data capture processes.

Christian – Software Engineer

Our best Slack user is Christian. He is an absolute tank with it. The dev team has been using Slack to improve our dev cycles but Christian added a few bots to make Crowdbabble’s dev cycles even better.  He added notifications and error reports that automatically get sent to a Slack channel to inform the team. This alone has improved the time it takes to fix issues before a user even notices it.

Christian hasn’t had much PHP experience but he needed an effective tool to help his debugging. Enter Xdebug! Christian relies on the app to debug PHP more efficiently and it has helped him learn more about PHP in the process.

Christian is a purist… he listens to ambient nature sounds through Nosili. Righteous.

Bhavin – Growth and Customer Success

My favourite browser at the moment… Vivaldi. This browser is amazing! It’s built using the Chrome source code so there is a lot of backwards compatibility with Chrome extensions. There are a lot of nifty features like panels and turning your tabs into a grid! Vivaldi is a clutch browser for Twitter talks because I am able to run different feeds in the same browser. Panels are fantastic because it allows you to launch a mobile site like a pop-up window for a quick reference and close it.  It also helps to quickly mute a tab without taking an extra second to open up a menu!

I handle a lot of customer relations and the best tool out there is Streak! Streak has been a beast for our inbox. It offers a breadth of features that are essential for any emails sent to customers. My favourite thing about Streak is the ability to mail merge with different stages of the pipeline. You can create different types of boxes and stages in order to organize users at different points of your sales or service funnel. It’s fantastic and best of all, it integrates right into Gmail!

I love anything by The Glitch Mob to get amped for the day. Never fails! Guilty pleasure is admittedly Abba… no shame here!