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Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve been going over the Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses where we went over social listening, social posting and social analytics as part of a 3 step loop to help small business owners improve their social media reach, both to improve their brand and potential sales growth. Recap Going back to our bakery example, as small business owners, we want to ensure that our business grows steadily. With social media, we can improve our growth trajectory by engaging with users. The question is where do we start? This is where our social media…

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Social Media Analytics Storytelling with Microsoft Sway

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I’ve recently fallen in love with Microsoft Office Sway. Sway is a free presentation tool available to anyone with a Microsoft ID where users are able to make dynamic, responsive and stunning presentations. I know what you are thinking… isn’t this just a fancy PowerPoint? Not quite. Sway takes the responsive web as a design framework to help create stories in a visually appealing way, similar to building a website using Bootstrap. For this exercise, I tried to imagine myself as a marketer part of a team who manages their meetings in different formats: tv screens, paper, tablets, phones and…

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Comic Characters on Social Media #4 – Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk

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Behold our first supervillain for Comic Characters on Social Media, Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin! Fisk is one of the most feared and prolific crime lords in the Marvel Universe. He is a mastermind, genius level thinker who is hell bent on changing the world for his own vision. Fisk has two identities, the first is the famous New York City philanthropist who aims to make the city a better place but  he also runs a crime ring that is far reaching. The influence of his corruption is rampant, affecting cops, government officials, charities and research institutions. Only known as…

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Introducing Snapchat Analytics – Excel Template Beta 1.0 by Crowdbabble

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Marketers crave access to more and more Snapchat data, but the only people who have access to this goldmine of user data is Snapchat themselves. This represents a missed opportunity. While Snapchat is an excellent platform for marketers to engage with users, marketers are unable to obtain metrics to justify the time and effort they spend pushing out exclusive content. Not only does this prevent marketers from determining their Return on Investment (ROI) on Snapchat, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the type of content that best resonates with followers. These unanswered questions only make it difficult for marketers…

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Boost Traffic by Hiding Pinterest-Ready Images in Your Site

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Pinterest is an aspirational platform that drives more traffic to websites than Twitter and Reddit. If your site has uplifting content to share, embedding pin-able images could help you reap the benefits of the social platform: more referral traffic and better brand recognition. Read on to learn how to hide images in your website that Pinterest users will love to discover and share. If you click and drag your mouse over this text, you should be able to see our own hidden image that the Pin It button will locate. 1. Find Pinterest-ready content on your website Pinterest is best…

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3 Easy Steps to Images that Pinterest Users Will Love to Share

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You’ve built an impressive web presence for your brand, but now the pressure is on to drive engagement even higher. Learning how to create Pinterest-ready content can increase your web traffic and help you find new customers. Second only to Facebook, Pinterest drives 7% of all traffic that websites receive, well ahead of Twitter and Reddit. How can you create pinnable posts and pages that lead users to your site? Follow the three steps and checklist below to unlock the traffic-boosting power of Pinterest. 1. Size matters First, install the Pin It button in your browser and use it to…

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3 Ways Top Brands get More Shares

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[addtoany] Viral marketing is the most important thing you can generate as a social media marketer. In case you don’t know, viral is the exponential growth of post reach. It happens a bit when followers like or comment on your post, but shares are the gold standard when it comes to viral on Facebook. I’ve broken down this month’s most shared posts from three top brands – BMW, Nike, and Starbucks – to come up with three easy ways to get more shares.

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