Comic Characters on Social Media #5 – Captain Planet

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Yes I understand… this is out of left field, but with the recent talks on climate change, I felt it was a good opportunity to highlight a 90s TV cult classic, Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Look, I know this character sounds strange, weird and really dumb but we need a real Captain Planet! Our planet is undergoing massive environmental shifts. It’s the single greatest threat to our species. Human activity has accelerated normal climate change processes so  Mother Nature needs to balance everything out in order to keep the Earth going. Funny enough this is also the basic premise…

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Introducing Snapchat Analytics – Excel Template Beta 1.0 by Crowdbabble

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Marketers crave access to more and more Snapchat data, but the only people who have access to this goldmine of user data is Snapchat themselves. This represents a missed opportunity. While Snapchat is an excellent platform for marketers to engage with users, marketers are unable to obtain metrics to justify the time and effort they spend pushing out exclusive content. Not only does this prevent marketers from determining their Return on Investment (ROI) on Snapchat, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the type of content that best resonates with followers. These unanswered questions only make it difficult for marketers…

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5 Reasons Why Snapchat Needs To Open Up Their APIs Again

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It seemed like only yesterday that Snapchat had to close their APIs because of a hack that took place through one of their third party apps. The APIs had a security loophole which unfortunately allowed for hackers to exploit user data. Snapchat decided to close their APIs to limit developer involvement and the availability of third party apps and functionality. Recently, there have been rumblings about the efficacy and relevance of Snapchat as a social media platform, especially for marketers looking to advertise and engage with users. But we think Snapchat should open up their APIs again to reignite the…

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