Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week #4 – Fails

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Due to technical difficulties…. we were delayed to post our top marketing and startup memes of the week. What does that mean? It means this week’s Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week will be all about fails. Startups go through a lot of interesting phases and cycles… often leading to fails. In this case, I forgot to schedule the post… therefore I have failed. So to satirize my mistake, I will share with you the funniest memes I found that satirize startup and marketing fails. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Harsh Grumpy Cat. Harsh. We know…

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Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week #1

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Marketing is fascinating on so many levels, but some of the best marketing on the Internet these days is through memes. Memes have changed the entire landscape of the Internet, they convey emotions, wit and can be enlightening in some cases. In most cases memes are not created by brands as a marketing plan, but it is a great way to relate to customers. Trust me, it works. I love them and everything they represent! It’s why we are starting a new series at Crowdbabble… Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week! I’ve been curating a few memes over…

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Social Media Intelligence Feedback Loop Japanese Store Crowdbabble Analytics Small Business

Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve been going over the Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses where we went over social listening, social posting and social analytics as part of a 3 step loop to help small business owners improve their social media reach, both to improve their brand and potential sales growth. Recap Going back to our bakery example, as small business owners, we want to ensure that our business grows steadily. With social media, we can improve our growth trajectory by engaging with users. The question is where do we start? This is where our social media…

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Introducing Snapchat Analytics – Excel Template Beta 1.0 by Crowdbabble

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Marketers crave access to more and more Snapchat data, but the only people who have access to this goldmine of user data is Snapchat themselves. This represents a missed opportunity. While Snapchat is an excellent platform for marketers to engage with users, marketers are unable to obtain metrics to justify the time and effort they spend pushing out exclusive content. Not only does this prevent marketers from determining their Return on Investment (ROI) on Snapchat, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the type of content that best resonates with followers. These unanswered questions only make it difficult for marketers…

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The Punisher on Social Media Crowdbabble with Facebook Twitter Instagram Blackphone

Comic Characters on Social Media #1 – The Punisher

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Netflix and Marvel released the Daredevil Season 2 trailer to the public last week and it featured none other than the fan favourite, The Punisher! Frank Castle aka The Punisher is a beloved antihero in the Marvel universe. He is a vigilante who employs any means necessary to tackle crime albeit a bit too far for some Marvel heroes. The Punisher’s motivation comes from his wife and son’s death during a shootout at a park. Castle is a former US Army vet, and after his family was murdered, he becomes The Punisher to end crime out of vengeance, specifically mobs in…

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5 Reasons Why Snapchat Needs To Open Up Their APIs Again

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It seemed like only yesterday that Snapchat had to close their APIs because of a hack that took place through one of their third party apps. The APIs had a security loophole which unfortunately allowed for hackers to exploit user data. Snapchat decided to close their APIs to limit developer involvement and the availability of third party apps and functionality. Recently, there have been rumblings about the efficacy and relevance of Snapchat as a social media platform, especially for marketers looking to advertise and engage with users. But we think Snapchat should open up their APIs again to reignite the…

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The Data Based Guide to Millennials on Social Media

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Chances are, if you’re in the social media marketing world, you’re looking for ways to improve your contact with Millennials. Maybe you’re worried about your touchpoints, your message, or even your overall strategy. In our experience (as members of Gen Y), most companies get at least one of these things wrong. Many get it all wrong. We have a unique view on this issue in that we are Millenials, often marketing to Millenials. We feel that we can shed some light on issues from both perspectives. Let’s start with a story. I recently received a message from a company (that…

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