Team Crowdbabble’s Favourite Apps to Get’er Done

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As you might already know, we are a startup. Crowdbabble was founded on the idea of making social media analytics accessible to everyone. Our team is dedicated to give everyone a chance to become rock stars in social media. How do we do it? Our team the apps and the music we love. Crowdbabble has a diverse team but what’s more diverse is our favourite apps and music that we all use to make Crowdbabbble better for you. We have our quirks but it somehow all works. We wanted to share our favourite apps and work music for a taste…

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Adding More Insights to Your Crowdbabble Excel Exports

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Crowdbabble has plenty of fantastic graphs and charts that helps share consumable social media data and analytics to any audience. Each graph can be exported into an image of a PDF so there are multiple options to help you report analytics the best way possible. However, can we take this further? Yes. As much as Crowdbabble aims to be the one-stop shop for social media analytic reports, there are some limitations. We get it. Social media managers, marketers, data scientists..etc… you all have different needs which means it’s harder to cater to each one. Crowdbabble tries to offer every type…

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3.14 Easy Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement with Crowdbabble

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding Twitter’s future but we still think it’s a robust platform for people to engage and share their thoughts about the world… in real time. Many companies also rely on Twitter to get the word out quickly! I can go on about Twitter but regardless of your intentions, good Twitter engagement leads to more followers and ergo, more exposure. There are a lot of general rules about increasing engagement but the problem is that it’s missing context and data. They are often based on anecdotal evidence. I’ve managed to look at data for about…

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Crisis Management 101: What is #OscarsSoWhite Doing to the Academy?

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It’s not a good time to be a little gold statue. This year, all twenty Oscar nominees in the acting categories were white. The Academy members who determine nominations are 95% white, while 1 out of 10 Americans is African-American and 3 of 10 are people of colour. How did social media users react to all-white nominations? #OscarsSoWhite is a trending topic on Twitter for the second year in a row and its impact cannot be underestimated. Should the Academy be held responsible for the lack of diversity? In the escalating conversation around the nominations on social media, some pointed to…

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Hashtag Analytics 101: Most Engaged Users

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The most engaged users for a hashtag will give you vital information about the tag’s popularity, demographics, and audience. Most engaged users is a vital metric for maximizing the reach of your content, whether you’ve created your own hashtag (#myevent2016) or are looking for the best ones to use when you post. Knowing a hashtag’s engaged users will help you refine your social strategy and find potential new followers. Definition: Most Engaged Users Most engaged users measures the total mentions of a hashtag in Instagram posts per user. The more times a user has posted the hashtag, the more engaged…

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Hashtag Analytics 101: Find New Followers

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Hashtags can help you find new followers on Twitter and Instagram by connecting your posts to new audiences. Which hashtags should you use to boost your following and find your next brand advocates? #Tagging #every #single #possibility is easy, but it won’t help you find engaged followers. Understanding hashtag types and their audiences can help you develop a more effective strategy. Introducing: The Hashtag Pyramid (Of Greatness) Choosing the right hashtags, and stacking them strategically, can help you find new followers. How can you maximize exposure while still connecting with niche crowds who might become your next customers? Different types…

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Hashtag Analytics 101: The Complete Guide

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Want to grow your #following? Each post in Hashtag Analytics 101:  The Complete Guide breaks down a different hashtag metric to help you #succeed on social. We’re building the guide now and the list below will be updated as we dissect metrics that are measured in Hashbabble, a free hashtag analytics tool from Crowdbabble. Introduction How to Use Hashtags to Mentions Most Engaged Users

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After Iowa, Can Social Media Be a Tie-Breaker for the Democratic Nomination?

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Less than .3% separated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in yesterday’s Iowa caucuses. Hillary Clinton took 49.9% of votes while Bernie Sanders squeezed in behind with 49.6%. It hasn’t been this close in years: in 2008, Obama won in Iowa 10 percentage points ahead of Clinton. The Iowa caucuses have a 43% success rate of predicting the Democratic nominee for President. In this election, the race seems too close to call. Can social media act as a tie-breaker between Hillary and Bernie, and help predict who will win the nomination? The Few, the Engaged In 2015, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was…

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Social Media Intelligence Feedback Loop Japanese Store Crowdbabble Analytics Small Business

Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve been going over the Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses where we went over social listening, social posting and social analytics as part of a 3 step loop to help small business owners improve their social media reach, both to improve their brand and potential sales growth. Recap Going back to our bakery example, as small business owners, we want to ensure that our business grows steadily. With social media, we can improve our growth trajectory by engaging with users. The question is where do we start? This is where our social media…

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Crisis Management 101: IBM’s #HackAHairdryer Overheats

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All across the world, in cubicles and board rooms, bars and conferences, marketing executives are asking themselves: What do women want? (It’s usually followed by: Should we make a Pinterest account for the company?). I can imagine the scene that must have unfolded at IBM leading up to last week. Under fluorescents in a boardroom, a group of such executives — spreadsheets strewn in front of them, maybe a few Jezebel blog posts open — had an epiphany. A fantastic idea. One sure to lure women closer to the brand. A fun, IBM-hosted #hackathon that would boost the image of the…

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