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For marketers, social media in 2017 will be a challenge and opportunity. With the decline of content marketing and the rise of new technologies, like VR and AI, marketers will have to create new strategies to keep up. The status quo on social is shifting.

In this series, we map out the new pitfalls and potential gains your brands face this year.

Conversational Social Media

Your social media fans and followers don’t want to hear from you, they want to talk with you. In 2017, social media is going back to its roots.

Marketing Gets Political

Culture wars will rage on social media and brands will be caught in the middle.

Live Video

How can you make the switch from evergreen content to on-demand?

Mesmerizing Video

This is a smaller trend, but it’s a powerful one: wonder through video of seamless processes.

VR and AR and Your Brands

When, and if, you should jump on emerging technologies.

Nick carraway saying you can't repeat the past

Wishing you a 2017 much better than 2016.  Happy New Year, Crowdbabblers! We hope you take a big leap forward this year.

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