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Social Listening vs. Social Analytics: What’s the Difference?

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Social listening and social analytics are the same thing right?

Well, not really.

Many marketers use the terms social analytics and social listening interchangeably. But they’re different.

Here we’ll explain the differences between the two.

Social Listening

Social ListeningSocial listening is the process of capturing mentions of your brand (or competitors, or your industry or any topic for that matter) across the internet.

Social listening is not limited to just social media platforms. You can also listen for mentions in blogs, forums and other web sites.

For large brands, the data that you get from listening can be quite large. So once you’ve captured all of these mentions, the next step is to make sense of this Big Data.

Social listening can help you answer the following questions:

  • Where do people talk about my company online?
  • How do they talk about it?
  • What’s the market perception of my brand and my products?
  • How does my brand perception compare to that of competitors?
  • How much exposure is my brand getting online vs. competitors?
  • Who are the key influencers who talk about my brand?

Social listening is sometimes also referred to as social media listening, social monitoring or social media monitoring.

Social Analytics

While social listening provides you with a  broad view of your brand across the internet, it’s not necessarily positioned to provide actionable insights for your business.

This is where social analytics comes in.

Social analytics is the process of analyzing your brands performance on social media at a deep level so that you can understand the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

This is what Crowdbabble helps marketers to do!

Social Listening vs. Social AnalyticsSocial analytics is the perfect feedback loop. Social analytics tells you what works well and what doesn’t, so that you can iterate and improve your social media activities.

Social analytics helps you answer questions such as the following:

  • How effectively are we engaging with people on social media?
  • How many people are exposed to our brand?
  • How many people are interacting with us?
  • What type of content does our audience interact with?
  • Are we successfully converting people towards our business objectives?
  • Who are the people that engage with us the most?
  • What are the demographics and interests of the people who interact with us?

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As you can see, social analytics enables you to drill down into your brand performance on social media.

In Summary…

So, while social listening and social analytics are related, they’re actually quite different.

Social listening is all about the broad view. Social analytics is focused on deeper analysis and insights.

We know it can get confusing, but we hope this helps to illustrate the difference.