Last week we went over two steps in our social feedback intelligence loop, social listening and social posting. We dove into the different apps and methods you can use to listen in on users and strategize posting when you are running a busy small business.

Crowdbabble – The One Dashboard To Rule Them All
There are many social media analytics platforms, but they often fail to answer the question “why”, “how” or “so what”. This is why why we started Crowdbabble, we wanted to provide a deeper level of social media analytics that can help answer those questions. We don’t claim to answer any of those questions instantly, but we believe understanding social analytics through hard work pays off. A lot of other social media analytic platforms are focused on one social network or a singular dimension of data. It might be enough for some but many feel it’s not nearly enough.

Yes. We know it’s a shameless plug, but we proudly stand by our product to help you. Not only do we want your small business to succeed, but we want to make you a rockstar doing it!

We’ll be using our bakery example from last week!

Let’s Begin – Crowdbabble
As a disclaimer, Crowdbabble is a paid service with data as far back as January 2013. Our free 14 day trial only allows for 30 days of social data. 

To start using Crowdbabble, there is literally only one thing you need to do. Connect your social accounts.

Assume we signed up for the Crowdbabble Professional Plan, we allow for 5 social accounts to be connected. In our case, our bakery has three primary accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can also add competitor accounts, so other local bakeries, to see how their social media pages are performing. Once you connect the social accounts, Crowdbabble will begin to mine the data from the servers.

Once the data is mined, your dashboard will show the account’s display picture with the follower count. From here, you can organize all your social accounts into something called “Crowdbabble Brand Reports”. We designed brand reports for individuals who want to a holistic view of their brand like our bakery. All you need to do is add the accounts together in a brand report using the brand reports icon on our dashboard.

Brand Reports Crowdbabble Social Media Analytics Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram

Brand reports allow you to see how your small business is doing across all primary social media

Analyzing the Data
Crowdbabble captures as much data as possible, so the longer you wait, the more likely the data is captured properly. We recommend waiting a few days (when you first sign up) to ensure all the data is captured before you begin your analysis.

For our bakery, over the past few weeks we found out places to post our social content, we scheduled the posts which were automatically sent out to followers and social media networks. Crowdbabble is now going to collect all the data to see how those accounts performed and what can we change to improve our social media reach and influence.

When you click on your social accounts, you will begin to see how your content performed, what was the follower rate, how well did you respond your followers when they post, what languages, countries are your followers coming from, the type of content you are posting and your top engaging followers. This is all handy information which will help you strategize both content delivery and advertising online. Feel free to visit our top resources on dabbling with Crowbabble on our blog.

Crowdbabble Hack – Scheduled Reporting
My personal favourite feature of Crowdbabble is the scheduled PDF reports. You can review it as a PDF and directly analyze the data. If you need to look at some more data and the change the range of your scheduled reports, you can easily log back into Crowdbabble and explore your analytics.

What I like about the PDFs is that you can relax. Your reports are reaching your attention even when you forget to check! They will always be in your inbox, I personally like to schedule my reports weekly.

spanish-multilingual-social-media-analytics-croppedThis is especially handy for brand reports where you need to see how your brand’s social media presence is doing as a whole. It makes you engaged with your digital content and followers. In my opinion, one of the biggest failures of small businesses in the 21st century is the lack of awareness on social media. At least with the weekly reports, it will keep you thinking about your social media even if you don’t have time to sit down and use our website. It’s always there!

Tweak, Experiment, & The Morning Coffee Routine
It’s no secret that we Crowdbabblers love our coffee and relish our morning routine with social data. Some people like to read the news, set goals or in my case, analytics!

A photo posted by Crowdbabble (@crowdbabble) on Dec 22, 2015 at 6:35am PST

Imagine we get our PDF reports in Crowdbabble every week on Monday morning at 7 am. That’s our coffee drinking hour before the bakery needs to open.

We can dive into the analytics to see what has been working over the past week. The PDFs are quite detailed so we can make easy observations about our social media campaign. We may discover that our Facebook activity shows the most engagement coming from other countries, not our local area. Odd.

This is a puzzling situation. After looking through the data, you notice that your content might not be tailored for local engagement. This requires a simple tweak. You start using hashtags, keywords and content that are correlated to your local area. For example, instead of posting “Check out our cupcakes”, you can try “These are some of Toronto’s best cupcakes”.

We also notice that our customer service is down right terrible, we are averaging 1000 mins for the delay to acknowledge the Facebook posts and we only acknowledge 30% of the post. What we can do is spend more time every night trying to engage with more people. It’s not realistic to increase the time since we are the only ones working on social media while trying to manage the bakery. So the right thing to do is try to engage with everyone, so raising the 30% acknowledge rate to 90-100%.

You can always tweak at your social media on a daily basis, nothing fancy of course. The tweaks I’m referring to are small, tiny changes that could lead to a larger impact. This doesn’t require a large strategy with a hypothesis and a set of objectives. Tweaks are important, they represent a smaller social intelligence feedback loop that should be a daily routine and sometimes only takes minutes to implement.

Remember, it’s all about relationships! A positive relationship with your followers can easily result into a larger business opportunity for your business! Just don’t forget the morning coffee.

Taking the Next Steps. Back to Social Listening! 
We’ve tweaked and experimented while sipping on our morning coffee. But what’s next? It’s a simple answer, repeat. Recall that this is what our social intelligence feedback loop is all about!

New Campaigns and Experiments:
Crowdbabble gives you a lot of data to work with, even for your competitors’ account, there is a fair amount to sift through. You can begin planning other experiments and marketing campaigns based on your datasets and the competitors. Your data is the foundation of the next steps to start the loop all over again.

Take down all the observations you noticed with the data and ask questions about what you can do next. For instance, imagine that in our bakery data set, we saw that our top Instagram post was a picture of a little girl with a balloon who ended up getting a cupcake. This was obviously a top engaging post and generated a lot of traffic among followers.

From this data, we can create a local marketing campaign where kids under 8 get a free balloon and a cupcake when their parents purchase multiple goods at the bakery for one day. It’s a simple strategy with a relatively low cost .

After your announcement, you can use social listening to monitor the buzz about the promotion and post content accordingly. Using our analytics, you can make tweaks along the way to make sure your campaign is being heard. You might notice that your promotion posts on Facebook only do well between 7 am to 9 am, which is probably the time for parents to check Instagram before work. Continue the same content strategy, but just adjust the time to see how followers respond.

When Free Balloon and Cupcake Day arrives, monitor the social media activity on Crowdbabble to see how well your content is performing. Keep posting new photos of kids with their free cupcakes and balloons, it might generate a buzz in your area. More buzz also means more suggested traffic on sites like Facebook. As you can see, Crowdbabble is the final step of our intelligence loop but can still be used anywhere to make tweaks with the campaign.

And there you have it… social analytics in our social intelligence feedback loop. We’ll wrap up our loop for tomorrow’s post!

Happy Analyzing!