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Social Customer Service GrowthSocial media is the fastest growing customer service channel.

As customers continue to post their experiences on social media, they expect brands to respond.Ā The quicker the response, the better.

Whether it’s a request for product information, a complaint or a testimonial, customers demand instant acknowledgement.

Brands must adapt to this new breed of customer to remain relevant in a crowded marketplace.

To help brands do this, Crowdbabble has introduced a new set of Social Customer Service reports.

How to Analyze Social Customer Service

We’ll analyze the Facebook page of FitbitĀ over the last 2 weeks of November. In addition to helping people lead more active lifestyles,Ā Fitbit is actually great at Social Customer Service!

Social Customer Service Fitbit

Fan Posts

During the 2 week span from November 17 to November 30, Fitbit posted content to their page only 4 times. However, fans posted to the page 384 times during the same timeframe.

Social Customer Service Fan Posts

The 384 fan posts were a mixture of technical inquiries, sales inquiries, complaints and positive feedback. Here are just a couple of the posts left behind by fans.

Social Customer Service Fitbit Fan Posts

The more posts that are left behind by fans, the higher the expectations placed on the Social Customer Service team.

So it’s great to see that Fitbit responded to both of these posts with relevant answers in a timely manner.

Response Rate

Response Rate is the percentage of fan posts that the page responds to.

Social Customer Service Response Rate

During the last 2 weeks of November, Fitbit responded to 255 of the 384 fan posts which is a Response Rate of 66%.Ā This also means that 34% of fan posts went unresponded.

Social Customer Service Response Rate Summary

Next we can take deeper look at the Response Rate on a daily basis.

Social Customer Service Response Rate

This graph shows the variation in Response Rates from one day to the next during the 2 week period. The daily Response Rate mostly varied between 50% to 75%.

Response Time

Response Time is the time it takes to respond to a fan post.

Social Customer Service Response Time

Fitbit had an average Response Time of 728.7 minutes (a tad over 12 hours) during the 2 week period.

In order to make better sense of how quickly the page responded, we can look at the Response Time Distribution.

Social Customer Service Response Time Distribution

Now we can see that 12% of responses occurred within 60 mins of the fan posting the content, 4% of responses occurred after 1-2 hours of the fan post, and so on.

Is this fast enough? It really depends on Fitbit’s industry and their organization’s goals for customer service.

Time Parting Analysis

For organizations that are serious about Social Customer Service, time parting analysis is crucial to understand.

What if your Social Customer Service team works Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, but most of your complaints are received during the weekends?

This means all the fan posts that you receive on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday will not be responded to until Monday!

Time parting analysis identifies the times and days during which you receive high volumes of fan posts, and enables you to better schedule the working hours of the Social Customer Service team.

Social Customer Service - Time Parting by Hour

From the time parting analysis by hour, we can see that fans are posting a lot between 1 PM and 5 AM (GMT) with a peak between 6 PM and 7 PM.

Fitbit’s response time is fastest during the busy hours which is great to see, but there is still room for improvement. The quickest response times of approximately 400 minutes are from 5 PM to 6 PM.

Below is the time parting analysis by day.

Social Customer Service - Time Parting by Day

Here we can see that Fan Posts peak slightly on Mondays, but they are actually relatively high every day of the week.

We can see that Fitbit does provide Social Customer Service on weekends as well, and their quickest response times are actually on Saturday and Sunday.

In Summary

Social media as a customer service channel is growing quickly. Customers find social more convenient than traditional methods for getting service.

Analyzing the performance of your Social Customer Service is critical to understand how well you are doing, but also helps to make improvements andĀ optimize the allocation of resources for Social Customer Care.

Getting Started with Social Customer Service Analytics

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