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Remove Ghost Followers with our Instagram Unfollowers App

Note –  March 30th, 2018: You can no longer download your Ghost Followers using Crowdbabble.
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If you’re reading this, you must already know what a ghost follower is. If you don’t – check out our original blog post on Ghost Followers for Instagram.

First, let’s do a quick recap.

Recap: What is a ghost follower on Instagram?

A ghost follower is someone who follows you on Instagram but never engages via likes, shares, views. They are there, but not – kind of like a ghost! They could be inactive accounts or fake ones – the point is: Do you want them around?

Many influencers, brands, politicians, and celebrities have used services to buy ghost followers. While their accounts might be bolstered with thousands or millions of followers, their engagement suffers – big time.

When Instagram updated their news feed algorithm in June 2016, engagement rate became king and the most important metric to grow your account. If you want to get discovered, show up in more feeds, garner more impressions or secure a partnership with a big brand, you need to focus on building your authentic engagement in Instagram.

Since ghost followers do not engage, purchased followers will not help you experience true success on Instagram – they will always hold you back.

Why focus on engagement in Instagram?

If you have lots of ghost followers, this means a large chunk of your audience is inactive. The Instagram news feed algorithm penalizes content that receives low engagement.

On the other hand, Instagram rewards accounts that crack engagement.

If you want Instagram to promote your site, not only to your followers, but to others (in the highly recommended section), you must build authentic engagement with a real audience. Not an audience of ghosts!

2 steps to find and eliminate your Instagram ghost followers

Instagram Ghost Followers - We Aint Afraid

Step 1 : Figure out which followers are ghosts.

If you have thousands of followers, it’s hard to do the ghost hunting manually without getting carpal tunnel. It becomes a huge challenge and you’ll need some help finding the ghost followers.

Solution: The Instagram Unfollowers App by Crowdbabble
This ghost unfollower app helps you find and unfollow ghosts – helping you increase your engagement rate, improve your content performance and increase follower growth authentically. Our tool helps you identify ghost or abandoned followers so you can easily block them. You’ve spent so much time building out great content; make sure the right people follow you!

Step 2: Block these unwanted ghost followers.

Blocking unwanted followers is the only way to exorcise your ghosts. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a softer, kinder unfollow button. It is block — or keep. That’s it.

Here’s a short video that shows you how to block unwanted ghost followers.

Here are the basic steps covered in the video to block unwanted ghost followers:

  1. Tap the far right icon on Instagram’s main navigation bar.
  2. Tap on your ‘followers’ list to see everyone following you.
  3. Tap on the follower you want to remove (you’ll need a list of ghosts first!).
  4. Tap the … to see the follower’s profile screen.
  5. Check or tap the ‘block user’ option.
  6. Say, ‘yes, I’m sure’ to confirm that you do want to block this user.
  7. Tap ‘dismiss’ to complete the process.
  8. Repeat until all ghosts are gone from your account.

Why Avoid Ghost Followers?

While ghost followers may seem harmless at first, they cause major damage to your marketing efforts. Boosting followers is not a long-term marketing solution for Instagram.

Instead, we suggest you focus on building authentic engagement. An engaged audience helps you recruit new followers and can become lifetime customers.

Ready to slay those spooky ghosts?

Get started by removing your Instagram ghost followers and take your Instagram game to the next level!