Out Posting Your Competitor on Social Media – Competitor Analysis for Content Marketing

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You are a small local coffee shop. It’s only been a few weeks since you opened but so far, there are a few fans and people love your coffee. Unfortunately, all your efforts are dwarfed by Starbucks and its fanatic coffee drinker base.  They are out marketing you on social media and can’t keep up. You had enough…

“If they want war… we’ll give them war”

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No it’s not really “war” but social media marketing can be intense and extremely competitive. All you want is a little engagement to increase your chance of virality. You try and post the best content possible… suddenly you notice something.

Your competitor just posted similar content few hours before and got all your potential engagement. There goes any chance for the momentum you hoped to create. Now you have to try again but there is not enough time in the week.

This happens a lot. Content marketing is extremely competitive especially for spaces with large customer bases. There is only a small window of time to take advantage and everyone seems to post when you do.

It’s tough to keep up, especially for startups and small businesses (like a coffee shop with slim margins). The only solution is the optimize your posting schedule so that it undercuts the competitor. If only you can find out what your competition is doing on social media….

Well good news. Crowdbabble aims to level the playing field with our service.

Operation Fair Game: Mine Your Competitor’s Posting Analytics
One of the best features of Crowdbabble has to offer is the ability to add public accounts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Public pages and accounts are fair game for social media data this means anyone can mine the data to obtain analytics.

All you need to do is sign up for Crowdbabble then connect your social profile to Crowdbabble. Think of this step as obtaining a ticket. Once the ticket is accepted, you will be able to add the social accounts to Crowdbabble so we can capture social media data.

As a coffee shop, I would like to know more about competitors like Starbucks. Starbucks has a prominent social media marketing campaign that has a lot of data. When their data is captured, you can learn about how they post content, gain followers and the kind of engagement they receive. So let’s go ahead and add Starbucks’ Instagram account to Crowdbabble.

Now go grab a coffee and roast some beans while we wait for the data to load.

Operation Guerrilla Content Posting: Post When They Don’t Post
Once the data is mined, head to Engagement > Time Parting Analysis. Let’s look at the data over the last two weeks. You will see two important graphs: engagement by hour and engagement by day.

Engagement by the Hour provides you with an hour by hour breakdown of the peak post activity. There are two important parts to this graph, first is the peak post activity and the peak follower activity. The peak post activity is when the brands are most often posting during the day. For example, you can see Starbucks posting mostly between 10 am to 11 am. The peak follower activity shows when the account’s followers are most active. For instance, Starbucks’ followers are most active between 5 pm to 6 pm. We also see that Starbucks barely posts content at 9, 12, and 2 pm.

Content Marketing Analysis Crowdbabble Time Parting Instagram Analytics

Engagement by day shows the same peak posts and follower activity over a span of a standard week. For Starbucks, we discover Thursday is the peak post day and Friday  is the peak activity days for followers. We also discover the Tuesday is when Starbucks posts the least in the week.

Engagement competitor crowdbabble time parting instagram

What does this mean? It data suggests that the best time to post content for your local coffee shop that will allow you to gain momentum on Instagram from people who also like coffee shops (this post will appear in the user’s Instagram feed) would be on Tuesday at 5 pm.

We encourage you to post everyday at the optimal times but Tuesday at 5 pm is the prime spot for your best content. This will help you get the most momentum without having Starbucks’ content get in the way, which can help you gain more exposure and hopefully lead to more sales.

Take Away?

With Crowdbabble we are able to extrapolate content and follower activity by the day and hour. This works for any public account which allows you to level the playing field and wage a more evenly matched content war if needed (please be nice). Wait… don’t forget to analyze your own data! You will be able to get same kind of insights on your followers to see when it’s the best time to post for you and be more engaging with your fan base.

Blog post was written with Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon