Nov.15Crowdbabble redesign

New Perspectives: Searchable Post Archive

In between sessions compiling data from the election, we’ve been building exciting new features for our users.

Earlier this year, you asked for an easier way to search your past posts. The search feature is now ready for you to test.

Search Your Posts

You can find the new feature through your Instagram reports. The peelback in the top right will lead you to

Showing where to click on the current Instagram reports to access, in the top right corner Crowdbabble social media analytics preview of new features

Once you’re in beta, set the date range of the posts that you’d like to search.

Next, navigate to Content and scroll down to find a table of all your posts. The new search feature will dynamically display all the posts in that date range — not just the ones showing on the page.


To see more search results, use the buttons to the right of the search bar.

Crowdbabble search show more results

Once you’ve tested the feature, provide feedback! In return, you’ll get a more awesome Crowdbabble and a follower list for any Twitter account.

More Features on the Way

On November 2, we shared some exciting new Instagram features with you, our customers. You’re still testing and offering feedback. You’ve given us a lot of new ideas, like a mention map for Twitter and an export of all posts for any account.

As we keep building out your suggestions, we’ll share updates here. In the next month you can look forward to some awesome new Facebook features. Keep an eye on your dashboard for a message with a link.