Oct.17Crowdbabble redesign

New Perspectives on Social for Crowdbabble Customers

At Crowdbabble, we want to bring you the best analytics to help you succeed on social media. We’re always working on our services, from adding new features to improving loading times.

Crowdbabble was originally designed and launched in 2013. That original product has evolved over time with added graphs, export options, and networks.

This year we’re taking a bigger leap forward. To enhance all the reports you currently access, we’re adding new data visualizations and reporting options β€” like a heatmap of engagement activity and presentation-format downloads. We’re giving Crowdbabble customers new perspectives on social, so they can see new opportunities to reach and expand their audiences.

What new features will be added?

Through extensive conversations with our existing customers, we discovered that you didn’t want us to remove any existing features in your Crowdbabble reports. Instead, you want to enhance Crowdbabble with even more metrics and export options. We listened and we are thrilled to deliver what you’ve been asking for.

The redesigned Crowdbabble builds on current features with more decision-making data. We’ll share details about the new features we’re adding here, on the blog, as we build them. You can look forward to customer-requested features like the ability to share graphs on social media and a geographical mention map. And much more.

We’re taking more suggestions from current customers: email katie@crowdbabble.com with additional metrics that you need. You can also fill out this survey, which we’ve been using to collect feedback since January.

When will I be able to test these added features and offer feedback?

This November, we will make new features for Instagram available for current customers from your Crowdbabble dashboard. You’ll be able to test the added data visualizations for Instagram and share your thoughts.

Keep your eyes peeled for an in-app message pointing you toward the changes. If you’re not a current Crowdbabble customer, use the beta list sign up below.

Are the new features free?

The new features are free for existing Crowdbabble customers. Your monthly charges will not change. You don’t have to pay more or do anything to access the new graphs and export options.

What new features are you working on now?

This week, we’re building a new heatmap for Β Instagram that pinpoints peak engagement times. This data visualization will appear with the existing time-parting graphs that capture engagement by hour and by day.


As our developers and design team build new features, we’ll share them on the blog. We can’t wait to share new data visualizations with our customers so you can access new insights for your brands. With these new features, you’ll be able to get a new perspective on social – from the same dashboard, at the same price point. We’re so excited about these new features, and we hope you are too!

Have questions about the new additions to your reports? The design team is happy to answer them β€” get in touch with Crowdbabble’s Senior User Experience Designer at katie@crowdbabble.com.

How can I get a sneak preview?

Want to see the new features before anyone else? Login to Crowdbabble and keep an eye out for a message that will pop up on your dashboard. The message contains images of some of our new graphs that will be launching in November.

You will get a notification when the new Instagram report is ready to be tested.

If you’re not a Crowdbabble customer, you can join our beta list with the form below. We’ll send you a notification when the new features go live after our current customers test them.