Oct.27Crowdbabble redesign

New Perspectives: Media Mix

What are the outliers in your Instagram performance? We built a new graph to answer that question.

In 2016, developers have been working away on new features for Crowdbabble customers. This week, we’re overhauling the Media Mix report for Instagram.

Find Your Outliers

You asked for a post breakdown by media type over the entire time period that you’re examining. This new media mix graph built by our developer Christian Gruenberg shows engagement by media type, alongside follower growth. Each photo or video posted to Instagram is shown individually, making them easier to pinpoint and measure.


High-performing photos and videos — your outliers — are easier to spot. The sample above shows engagement by media type for the NBA’s Instagram, with videos deselected to focus on photos. Check out the photo on January 10th that attracted more than 250,000 likes and comments! On this new graph, you can view individual photos or videos by hovering.

The new media mix data visualization also makes it easy to see clusters and patterns: you can see, in general, where on the engagement scale your photos and videos fall. In the graph above, you can see a downward trend over January. No photos on January 1 or 2 had fewer than 100,000 engagements. By January 29 and 30, many posts were below that threshold. Posting more doesn’t necessarily result in higher engagement for the NBA on Instagram; the dense cluster of posts on January 31 each attracted relatively few engagements.

We’re taking more suggestions from current customers: email katie@crowdbabble.com with additional graphs or metrics that you need. You can also fill out this survey, which we’ve been using to collect feedback since January.

When will I be able to test this new Media Mix graph and offer feedback?

This November, check your dashboard for a link to test out all the new features — including the new Media Mix graph. If you’re not a current Crowdbabble customer, you can join the beta list below.

Is the new graph free? 

Yes. All new features are free for existing Crowdbabble customers. Your monthly charges will not change. You don’t have to pay more or do anything to access the new graphs and export options.

How can I get a sneak preview of more new features?

Want to see Crowdbabble 2.0 before anyone else? Login to Crowdbabble and keep an eye out for a message that will pop up on your dashboard. The message contains images of some of our new graphs that will be launching in November.

You will get a notification when the new Instagram report is ready to be tested.

If you’re not a Crowdbabble customer, you can join our beta list with the form below. We’ll send you a notification when the new features go live after our current customers test them.