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New Perspectives: Instagram Brand Advocates

Finding and leveraging brand advocates is a tough task for Instagram marketers. The brand advocate part of your job usually involves creating them from scratch — luring followers down the sales funnel to conversion and advocacy.

But what if you already have brand advocates on Instagram? How do you find them?

Find Your Brand Advocates

Crowdbabble’s new Instagram report pinpoints users who like and comment on your content the most. The new and improved Top Engagers will be available for any account — your own, or a competitor’s — this month. It builds on Crowdbabble’s existing report, which all paid users can access from their dashboard.

Screenshot of Current top engagers brand advocate report

The revamped report includes the same list of your top 20 engagers — but now, it’s searchable. It’s also sortable. Sort your brand advocates by their audience size or number of posts. Sorting by following will bring spammier engagers, with lower follower:following ratios, to the top of the list.


The brand advocate’s email, if available on Instagram, is also included in the report. You don’t have to Google any more than you have to.

Understand Your Brand Advocates

The new Top Engagers report also displays recent posts from any account’s three most engaged users. Brand managers can pinpoint topics of interest to better understand the users who like and comment on their brand’s content the most.

Crowdbabble Instagram report new features recent posts screenshot of table showing an image with 166 likes and comments from user

Using the left and right arrows, you can scroll through your brand advocate’s latest posts. The table displays the post, caption, and the number of likes and comments the post has received — so you can gauge the engaged user’s influence.

With Top Engagers, you can find brand advocates who are already in your network and connect with them easily. No more searching and scrolling.

More Decision-Making Data Coming Soon

This winter, we’re building new features for our customers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check your dashboard for messages with links to our private beta site so you can be the first to test them, including Top Engagers.