We’ve just launched our new Facebook public page reporting solution within the Crowdbabble suite of social media analytics reports!

With this new tool, you can create reports for any public page on Facebook – check out your competitors or other leading brands. You can get started in a couple of clicks.

Crowdbabble Facebook Public Page Reports
The structure of Facebook public page reports is similar to what Crowdbabble users are used to seeing in our Facebook private page (insights) reports.

A Birds-Eye View

Firstly, you’ll see a high-level overview of the page performance.

We mentioned earlier how much CEOs/clients love to see the big picture – see the example below of the official Facebook page of the NFL for a 10-day period (November 1 to November 10).

NFL Facebook Analytics

Deeper Analysis Awaits

If you want to drill-down into the data, you can analyze the page from various angles.

For instance, the NFL’s media mix is shown below.

Facebook Analytics - Media MixThe NFL’s Facebook updates are dominated by photos along with a few status updates and links, but surprisingly no videos! Most pro sports leagues such as the NBA thrive on videos, but there are none here.

Are photos really that much better than links and videos? Lets see.

Facebook Analytics - Like Comments Shares by Media Type
Yes, photos work really well for the NFL and receive the maximum engagement (likes/comments/shares) on average.

Getting Started with Facebook Public Page Reports

To get a taste of these new Facebook tools, you can sign up for a free trial by visiting Crowdbabble. You’ll be up and running in less than a minute.

If you’re an existing Crowdbabble user, you already have access to these reports in your Dashboard at no additional cost.