Feb.12Crowdbabble - Conversation Depth

New Facebook Analytics: Conversation Depth and Shareability

We’re excited to introduce a unique way to visualize the engagement of your Facebook page.

We previously discussed which Facebook analytics are important to pay attention to. Now we’ve made it easy to generate and analyze such information with Crowdbabble. It’s not only effective, but also simple to understand with the following 2 visualizations.

1) Conversation Depth

When you update the status or post a photo on your Facebook page, do you get any comments? Do people actually interact with your page?

Crowdbabble Conversation Depth
Conversation depth tells us how many comments we are getting on our posts. In other words, how deep are the conversations on each post. This is a key indicator of the engagement level of your Facebook page.

Measure the Conversation Depth of your own Facebook page with Crowdbabble.

2) Shareability

If your fans share the content you post on your Facebook page, your message will reach their friends.

This is why social media is so powerful and this is how things go viral. Information can now travel in ways that was not previously possible.

So if we are trying to optimize our content for social media, we must ensure our content is easily shareable. The most engaging content on social media is the content that begs to be shared!

Crowdbabble Shareability
Shareability simply tells us how often our content is being shared. This is another key indicator of the engagement level of your Facebook page.

Measure the Shareability of your content on your own Facebook page with Crowdbabble.


The Conversation Depth and Shareability graphs are now available to everyone in Crowdbabble. They will automatically appear on your Facebook Page reports.

We also made them available for all reports you have created in the past! So there is no need to go back and generate all your previous reports again.

We told you our mission is to simplifiy social media analytics and measurement!

Get started now and measure the engagement of your own Facebook Page with Crowdbabble.