Crowdbabble calls Canada home and we are currently undergoing our 42nd federal elections! It’s hard to imagine that we already had 42 general elections which resulted in 22 party leaders elected as Prime Minister.

Elections have changed a great deal over the years. In 2015, candidates and voters flock to the Internet to engage with one another in a variety of ways. Social media enables this to become even easier. Nowadays, if a Candidate doesn’t have a reasonable presence on the major social media channels, then they might as well eject themselves from the race.

At Crowdbabble, we analyze social media data for a living, so we wanted to share this little project with you.

For the last month, we have been collecting social data of all the major national parties that have candidates in every province and of course, the leaders running to be Prime Minister of Canada. This includes, Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, Tom Mulcair of the NDP, Elizabeth May of the Green Party and our incumbent, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Using Crowdbabble, we put together a social media dashboard of the 2015 Canadian elections – now every Canadian can view the social media performance of each party leader and its party. /introducing-the-2015-canadian-elections-social-media-dashboard/We’ve added the official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of each leader.

Elections Dashboard

Click on any profile on the social media dashboard and explore each candidate and party to see how they are performing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to share the data with your family, friends, partners and colleagues! Our goal is to help Canadians become informed voters by using social media analytics.