Marketers crave access to more and more Snapchat data, but the only people who have access to this goldmine of user data is Snapchat themselves.

This represents a missed opportunity. While Snapchat is an excellent platform for marketers to engage with users, marketers are unable to obtain metrics to justify the time and effort they spend pushing out exclusive content. Not only does this prevent marketers from determining their Return on Investment (ROI) on Snapchat, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the type of content that best resonates with followers. These unanswered questions only make it difficult for marketers to address without data.

Fortunately, there is one way to collect Snapchat data… by collecting it yourself. So, we are offering the first ever (to our knowledge) Snapchat Analytics Excel template to help you conduct your own Snapchat analysis!

We put this template together with input from some pretty serious Snapchat marketers around the globe. So we hope the template makes it easier for you to analyze your Snapchat performance to help you become a better Snapchat marketer.

We will be updating the sheet routinely and adding new features, formulas and graphs. It’s free and yours to keep, share and remix.

Download: Beta 1.0 – Crowdbabble – Snapchat – Analytics Table Beta.XSLX

License: Free for sharing, open to remix just don’t forget to credit us 🙂

How to use it

We have prepared a video of the table below. There are also written instructions below as well. We highly recommend taking a look at the video and following along while using your actual data.

Let’s make something clear. This is not for the lazy. Our Snapchat analytics sheet requires a meticulous, strict, consistent and curious mindset. For every Snap, you need to capture all your data for the period of time you set. You cannot skip out and miss a day, it will defeat the purpose of capturing your analytics. We know it takes time and it’s painfully slow… trust us, we don’t like it either but it’s the price to pay because there are no other safe means to conduct Snapchat data collection.

Setting a Plan

It is important to plan out how are you going to conduct the analysis. Remember, you to capture data on the fly and record it on your table. We understand everyone has different goals and timelines to follow so here are some general tips for planning your Snapchat analytics

  • Create a schedule if you are using a team to gather the data. Take turns but make sure to stick to the plan!

  • Set clear goals, timelines and outcomes for what you want to find in the study. For example, I want to post 1 story a week so that will increase traffic to the website over a month.  In this case, gather all the data and afterwards compare it to website traffic after the research period. Remember, Snapchat sharing is considered dark social. We wrote a blog post about gathering dark social traffic which you can read it here. If it help, pretend you are a scientist running an experiment.

  • Always save your files after each addition or change!

  • Be sure to have a debrief after the data collection to work out the kinks for your analytics.

  • The best Snaps and Stories are on the fly and not planned. Keep in mind that  you can use Office 365 for iOS or Android for on the fly mobile data capture with Excel Mobile, or any other alternatives.

How to Record Your Snapchat Story Data

  1. Write a name or story identifier for each story that you have planned. It will help you collect the data and graph the findings later on

  2. Record the date and time of the first Snap in the story and ending off with the last time you stopped collecting data. This will be your end point.

  3. Record the number of Snaps in your story as you add to it. Keep updating the number in order to have the most updated tally Snaps in your Story.

  4. When you reach your end point, record the number of first Snap views and the last Snap views in your story. Fill in the fields and it will automatically calculate your drop off percentage (the percentage of users didn’t complete your stories)

  5. Finally record the number of screenshots taken and the person who recorded the information for reference

How To Record Your Single Snap Data

For regular Snaps, you can follow Steps 1-2 from earlier. These are only for Snaps sent when “Snap all” is selected.

  1. Record if the Snap had text and doodles to enhance it. This is important to know when analyzing the content and style of your Snaps. Try to be as clear and concise as possible.

  2. After the data collection period, record the number of followers who opened the Snaps.

  3. Take note of the people who snapped back at you after you sent the Snap. Record the number and make changes as the number increases.

  4. You will notice that two calculations will be automatically taken care. First is the Engagement percentage of the Snap, this looks at the number of people who snapped back at you based on the people who opened the Snap. Second is the follower engagement which looks at the number of people who viewed the Snap of your total account audience

Email us at or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter if you need help with our Snapchat sheet.

Stay tuned for Beta 2.0.

Happy Analyzing!