Jul.09LinkedIn for Business

Introducing LinkedIn Page Analytics from Crowdbabble

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Hourglass
Today we’re excited to officially launch LinkedIn Company Page Analytics at Crowdbabble!

We’ve had lots of Crowdbabble users requesting us to introduce reporting and analytics for LinkedIn – so we listened.

Our LinkedIn Company Page reports provide insights on everything from audience growth to content performance to user engagement levels.

How to Get Started in 30 Seconds

It’s really easy. Login to Crowdbabble, connect with LinkedIn and add your first LinkedIn Company Page.

Add LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

You can analyze your own LinkedIn Company Page, or spy on your competitors and add their LinkedIn Company Pages.

Introduction to LinkedIn Analytics

We’ve modelled the new LinkedIn reports based on the same structure as our existing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reports. You can expect a similar level of social media analysis with the new LinkedIn reports.

LinkedIn Company Page Overview

See the big picture with an overview.

The overview provides a summary of LinkedIn activity for your selected time period.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Overview

As usual, you can select any time period for your analysis. 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, 45 days or any other time period that you need.

LinkedIn Company Page Engagement

Analyze your overall engagement to understand engagement trends

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Engagement Over Time

Or dig deeper into the data and view your engagement on a daily basis.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Engagement

LinkedIn Company Page Content Performance

Understand your content performance, so that you can improve your posting habits.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Content

LinkedIn Company Page Follower Analysis

Measure the basics such as the growth of your LinkedIn audience over time.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Follower Growth

Or get more advanced and understand the type of people who are engaged with you on LinkedIn.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Follower by Network Size

View your engaged users from a number of angles, such as comments by industry.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Analytics Follower By Industry

Getting Started with LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

We’ve shown you a sneak peak of what’s available in the new LinkedIn Company Page Analytics. But we’d love for you to take it for a spin and see for yourself.

Sign up for a free trial by visiting Crowdbabble. You’ll be up and running in less than a minute.