Aug.21Crowdbabble Drill-Down

Crowdbabble Drill-Down. Our most requested feature.

The most recent Crowdbabble feature enables you to drill-down into your Facebook data to help you easily identify what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly WHY?

View your Facebook performance across 4 levels of detail with Crowdbabble drill-down.

Level 1: Facebook Page Overview

When it comes to Facebook page performance, your CEO/client cares about the big picture. Give them the birds-eye view that they want with the Facebook Page Overview.

Facebook Analytics

Level 2: Facebook Page Performance over Time

Whether you report on a daily, weekly, monthly or adhoc basis, Crowdbabble enables you to analyze your Facebook metrics over a time period of your choice.

View the overall performance and identify outliers over the time period.

Facebook Engagement Rate

Level 3: Facebook Page Performance by Day

Did engagement go through the roof on a specific day? Did you get unusually high negative feedback during the weekend? Did something unexpected happen?

Drill-down to the specific day to investigate what caused this behaviour.

Facebook Engagement Rate

Level 4: Facebook Page Performance by Content

Your Facebook page performance all boils down to the content on the page.

Drill-down to the specific posts that led to more engagement, reach, page likes, etc.

Facebook Engagement Rate

This drill-down feature is now available for the majority of Crowdbabble reports.

Drill-down into Engagement, Page Consumption, Page Likes, Reach, Negative Feedback or the 30+ various Facebook reports that are available in Crowdbabble.

Facebook Page Consumptions

Take Crowdbabble drill-down for a spin and let us know your feedback.

If you’re not a Crowdbabble user, you’ll be up and running in less than a minute with the Crowdbabble free trial.