Instagram Update: New Superzoom Features and MORE!

It’s almost Christmas and Instagram has deemed you to be a good one this year, as this will be their 3rd addition this month to their platform. Instagram started the month by offering a new feature, Instagram Archive and Highlights, next they came out with, Following Hashtags, now they’ve released new and fun festive tools to add to your posting collection.

Festive Stickers

You can always expect to see Instagram having fun ways for you to celebrate the holidays. You can now decorate your posts with stickers that are fun and cute winter essentials, like penguins! Be sure to give them all a try as some of the stickers have additional features such as: being able to switch the lights on/off or swapping between different snow effects.

You can also decorate your post with whatever major holiday you are celebrating, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza. It’s great a way to celebrate other holidays and show your support.

Instagram update holidays filters

New Filters

Do more than freeze in the cold by playing around with 3 new filters that are slowly being released throughout the month. You can start by playing around with the fogged over filter which automatically draws in a heart shape for you or you can create your own design over it. The holiday makeup filter is out as well, which dolls you up and adds a nice glimmering light effect in the background. Stay tuned for a filter where you can burst balloons stuffed with confetti (I’m most excited for that!).

Instagram update filters festive

Superzoom Sounds

If you’ve been loving SuperZoom as much as I have, you are about to have even more fun! They have now released 3 additional sounds and zoom types that you can play around with. My personal favorite is TV show as it makes your funny clips have a 90’s sitcom spin to it (how can you go wrong with that?). Give it a try yourself! You have the original choice Dramatic, and the new features, Beats, TV show and Bounce.

December has been a very exciting month giving marketers tons to play around with and experiment towards their social strategy, but we can expect 2018 to be even better. Instagram had used 2017 as a testing ground to allow US companies to try the early adoption of the Shopify integration. There are rumors that early in the new year they will announce the full release to the general public. At the moment there are no definitive dates as to when we can expect Instagram shopping, but stay tuned as we will be watching and waiting to keep you in the know!