Instagram Tips – How to Optimize Hashtags

Two key metrics should be used in your analysis of hashtag use: the engagement generated per hashtag and the engagement generated by the number of hashtags used. Hitting the right amount of hashtags can increase post reach significantly. For Coca Cola, each extra hashtag used generated approximately 9000 extra likes. However, you don’t want to clutter your post, or look like you’re searching for likes. Hitting the “hashtag sweet-spot” can be difficult, but Crowdbabble‘s new Instagram optimization tool makes it easy.

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Crowdbabble analyzes your data and generates hashtag recommendations based on those that generate the most likes and comments on your posts. It also recommends the optimal number of hashtags to use based on engagement.

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Hashtags can be very useful in driving traffic to your posts from outside your follower base, however if you are using the wrong hashtags that traffic will not generate engagement. Always focus on hashtags that will appeal to your target market, as opposed to just the most popular ones. That way you’re always driving useful traffic.

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Social media is an art and a science. Allow Crowdbabble’s Instagram analytics to do the heavy scientific lifting for you, and focus on creating great content!

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