Instagram Stories Update: Archives and Highlights

Instagram has done it again, they’ve found a new way for you to keep and share your favorite memories with all of your loyal followers. Instagram just released their latest feature for Instagram Stories: Archives and Highlights.

Thankfully Instagram tends to release new updates that are easy to adopt, but in case you need an added push in the right direction, I’ll show you how it’s done.

What is Instagram Archive?

Instagram Archive helps you store all of those funny and candid stories you wished you saved. The best part is, the stories will save automatically so you don’t have to remember to do anything! In your archive it’ll be sorted as either Stories or Posts, and your first post of that day will be the marker with a date at the top. You can review any of your previous stories just by tapping it. You are also able to add any of these pictures to your story, share it or add it to your highlight.

Instagram highlights archives posts  instagram archive highlights homepage

What is Instagram Highlight?

Instagram Highlight now lets you save your favorite stories and make it a permanent part of your profile. Your highlights will appear in a new section right below your bio on your profile. You can have as many highlights on your profile as you like and they will stay there until you decide to remove them. Here you can create collections of your favorite stories, which you can title to add fun series and episodes to your profile.

Instagram stories highlight post blog  Instagram archive highlight feature posts

With this new feature you can share a different side to your Instagram and add a bit more spice to your profile. Caption your highlights and create collections of all the fun and exciting things that come your way that your followers would enjoy seeing. It’s a new way to share the personality of your profile and give your followers another reason to be loyal superfans!