You can’t walk the walk if you don’t talk the talk. A marketer is only as good as he or she sounds. Let’s up your game and help you to improve your vocabulary with all of the essential Instagram terms you should know. We had previously helped you to improve on your content, here we have a new method of educating your social strategy to be more fine tuned than ever.

Here are some terms that will help you be a more prepared Instagrammer:

AMA – “Ask Me Anything” a term used to describe a question and answer approach, generally directed towards an expert in a specific field.

Click bait – A link or post that has been setup to entice you based on wording, phrasing, images or videos that have been known to draw attention.

Caption – This would be the description of your post. It can include: emojis, hashtags, symbols and tags. It can have a maximum of 2200 characters but only the first 240 will show

Direct Message – Also known as “DM”, it is the inbox of an Instagram account. You’ll find yourself hearing the catch phrase “sliding into your DM”, which is a known way of flirting privately through this outlet.

Engagement – the number of likes and comments received on a post.

Engagement rate – the amount of likes/comments you get on a post divided by the amount of reach of the post.

Follower Growth – the change in your number of followers.

Geotag – a way to mark your pictures or posts with a location to give your audience a clearer picture of where they can find such attractions.

Ghost follower – a follower of your account that is not adding any engagement to your profile. These are not helpful users as they may be real people with real accounts but don’t find themselves liking or commenting within the Instagram world. You can read more about these sneaky users and how to deal with them. Also referred to as Lurkers.

Hashtag – this is a word or phrase that starts by using a hashtag and is used to organize content/material by the description. It’s a great way to reach out to a larger audience who is looking to find similar content under specific hashtags.

Handle – the username of your account.

Impressions – are the number of times your content has been seen.

IRL – stands for “In Real Life”, a slang you can find being said among memes.

Likeability: the distribution of likes received on posts.

Meme – is an activity, concept, catchphrase or media that spreads. Commonly humorous content created that can spread rapidly through the internet.

Media Mix: the number of times each media type (video, photos) were used in posts.

Newsfeed – this is where you find the collection of all of the posts from the accounts that you are following. Now with recent updates you’ll also find advertisements as well as content of interest.

OOTD – a term that stands for “Outfit Of The Day”, it is a common hashtag when you are looking to show off an outfit you are proud of.

PPC – Pay Per Click is an advertising method to help draw traffic to a website or store. This is a method that requires paying to help promote your content to larger audiences.

Reach – the measure of a potential audience size.

Tag – identifies someone or something else in a post you share.

Trending – when a piece of content grows in popularity through increased shares, likes, comments and becomes a popular topic of discussion.

Troll– an individual who roams the internet or social media, purposely trying to get negative reactions out of others.

UGC – this stands for “User Generated Content”, and applies to being able to use posts/content that users have created to help advertise a product or brand.

Viral – this could be an image, video or piece of media material that is rapidly circulated through out the internet.

Virality – the quality of an image or video to be circulated rapidly; become viral.


There are also many popular daily hashtags you can use to promote different types of content, here are a few examples:
















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