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Instagram Followers App – Download a List of Your Followers

Have you heard the news? As of July 31, 2018, you will no longer be allowed to download a list of your Instagram followers.

Good news is we have an Instagram followers app that will help you export this data before the deadline so you can keep your most recent follower list forever!


What is an Instagram Followers App?

Our Instagram followers app will help you extract a full list of your Instagram followers.

By simply connecting your account to our Instagram followers app we can export and send you valuable information on your followers like:

  • Username
  • User ID
  • Full Name
  • Profile Picture

This will be extremely useful information in the future, because not only will you get a full list of your followers, but we anticipate that as Instagram begins to further integrate with Facebook’s advertising platform, Usernames and/or User IDs will be uploadable as a custom audience you can target with promoted posts.

The challenge you’ll have after July 31, 2018, is accessing this data because there is currently no information available on how you’ll be able to get this data with an Instagram followers app in the future.

Instagram followers API change


Why is Instagram changing their API?

Outside of a few internal employees at Instagram/Facebook – no one knows for certain, but we can hypothesize.

The current Instagram API our Instagram followers app is built with is fairly open and we can capture a lot of data on individual users that is obviously extremely useful to you – like full follower lists.

On the other hand, the current Facebook API is very limited in terms of the information it provides on individual users. Sure – you can see detailed demographic information on groups of people, but nothing on one person specifically.

The Facebook API is also heavily geared towards running ads on their platform to target groups of people with shared interests and again doesn’t provide any information on individual users.

With Facebook acquiring Instagram in 2012 and the incredible growth Instagram has experienced as a marketing platform over the last few years, we can assume Facebook now sees the importance of individual Instagram user data for advertising.

The bad news is it doesn’t look like Facebook/Instagram wants to share this data with you in the future.


How do I access the Instagram Followers App?

Simple – you can access our Instagram followers app using the link below. All you need to do is complete the signup page, connect your Instagram account and we’ll have your follower list sent to you in 24 – 48 hours in excel or CSV.

Instagram followers list app

You’ve worked hard to build your Instagram audience. These are your friends, advocates, clients and potential business development opportunities – it’s only fair you have access to them before you no longer can.

Crowdbabble Instagram Followers App

We can also export a full list of your Following, but we’ll have to manually get that data for you so email us at team@crowdbabble.com

You can read more about Instagram API changes here and the information about follower list changes is under the Deprecation changes for July 31, 2018.