Influencer Marketing on Instagram: How Influential is Your Influencer, Really?

You’ve found the perfect influencer for your campaign. They have a huge audience and they’re the perfect fit for your brand.

But how influential are they, really?

Learn how to measure how many followers are fake and how many are real for any Instagram account. An audience audit is the missing step from your influencer marketing strategy. Your campaign agreement with an influencer should reflect their real audience size on Instagram, not their total audience including fake and ghost accounts.

Measure Real Influence on Instagram

Before you sign a contract with an influencer for a campaign, you need to find out the size of their real audience: the number of followers who are actual human beings. Using Ghostbabble, you can audit an Instagram audience for ghost followers. Ghost followers are inactive followers who are inflating a total follower count — but won’t ever become paying customers or followers of your brand. Because they’re not real.

Get a real follower count with Ghostbabble.

Instagram Ghost Followers - Who Ya Gonna Call
Ghostbabble-Instagram-Ghost-Followers Ghostbabble-Instagram-Ghost-Followers

Ghostbabble will identify all your ghost followers for you. Then you can block them, which will remove them from your followers list.

Here’s how to audit an Instagram audience using Ghostbabble

  1. Visit Ghostbabble
  2. Connect the influencer’s Instagram account and follow the instructions
  3. Count their number of ghost followers versus real followers
  4. Use the number of real followers in your campaign KPIs and influencer contract

The Importance of Audience Auditing

Is influencer marketing a big part of your brand strategy? Make an audience audit part of your contract process for any influencer. An audience audit for ghost followers should be a step you take for every influencer marketing campaign, to make sure your brands are being put in front of real leads.

Measuring the real influence of your Instagram influencers will protect your campaign from failing. When you know how many real people are seeing your campaign, you can accurately predict the engagement or conversions that campaign will create. When you put your campaign in front of thousands of ghost followers? Don’t be surprised when the likes and comments are invisible, too.

Next week, we will outline the steps for an audience audit on Twitter.

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  • Influencer marketing has been around for a long time. For hundreds of years, English businesses have flourished under a system where the Queen grants a special label to products she uses in her own household.

    Consumers love the idea of using the same dish soap as the royal family, so they flock in droves to buy these specially appointed products.

    Barbour appointments for Instagram influencer marketing

    Image Source: Barbour

    I suspect that if you went back far enough in history, you’d even find that agriculture, grooming and education were all popularized by unusually charismatic cavemen.

    Influencer marketing didn’t realize it’s full potential, however, until the advent of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allowed consumers to have a perpetual window into the lives of their favorite people.

    Suddenly you didn’t need a label on your products to show that important people used them – you could just pay for a social media post. The ultimate result was the same. People would buy the products.

    Today, influencer marketing is the single fastest growing channel for customer acquisition in America. Don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

    We’ve established that humans are programmed to make buying decisions based on recommendations from influencers. Instagram makes it possible to reach those consumers in a personable, results-oriented way.