How to Set Up a Business Account on Instagram: Ultimate Crowdbabble Guide

How do I set up a business account on Instagram? We get asked this all the time here at Crowdbabble. While there are a few steps, it’s not difficult. Let this be your guide on how to set up a business account on Instagram.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Set Up an Instagram Business Profile

Screenshots from Constant Contact.

Having an Instagram Business Profile will help people to connect with your business. After you make the switch, you will be able to update your Instagram profile with more information. This means that your customers will find it easier to get in touch with you via a new “contact” button. Many cool features are unlocked when you convert your profile. These extra tools help you to better understand and connect with your audience.

Step 1: Pull up your business Instagram account using any mobile device. Head over to your profile page. In the top right-hand corner, you will find a little icon that looks like a gear. Tap that. In the menu that appears, select “Switch to Business Profile”.

Step 2: Now it’s time to connect your business profile to Facebook. You will next see a prompt that asks you to connect your Instagram profile to a Facebook Page. For this to be successful, you must be the admin of that Page.

Step 3: Now you can enter information about your business. Now you have connected your Instagram profile to a Facebook Page. Instagram will then send some information to Facebook so that it can be included on your Page. At this stage, it is important to make sure you have contact information listed. This is so that your customers can contact you when necessary. When everything is set up to your liking, tap “done” and everything will be saved.

Step 4: You have now set up your business profile. If you need to edit any information in the future, you can do that by tapping the gear icon. Then select the “edit profile” option, and finally select “business contact information”

2. Connect your Instagram Account to Crowdbabble

Instagram content analytics competitorsStep 1: Log into the Facebook Account that is tied to your Instagram Business account.

Step 2: Log into your Crowdbabble account.

Step 3: You will see a greyed out Instagram Connect button. Click that.

Step 4: Next you will see a Facebook login button. Click that.

Step 5: Click the plus (+) sign that you see under the Instagram logo.

Step 6: Choose the Facebook account that you logged into earlier and select “add”.


What if my data does not Sync?

– Log into your Crowdbabble account. Head to your dashboard and click the icon next to your Instagram account to refresh the data.

What if my Instagram Account doesn’t get added?

– Remember this is a feature that only works for Instagram Business accounts. So, if you skipped the first step, go back and convert your account.

3. Connecting Many Instagram Accounts to Crowdbabble

Step 1: Head to your Crowdbabble dashboard and click the “+” sign under the Instagram logo.

Step 2: Choose the right Facebook account from the list. If the one you want is not there, click the “+” sign and add a new account.

Step 3: Add the desired Instagram account by clicking the “add” button.

You can repeat this process for as many Instagram accounts as you wish to add.

4. Getting the most out of your Crowdbabble-enabled Instagram Account

Now you have connected your Instagram Business account to Crowdbabble. You may now be interested to learn about how to use Instagram Insights. This is a helpful feature that could improve your performance.

Instagram provides you with a broad range of insights. that allow you to refine your content to match your ideal audience. This allows you to make better decisions. Especially when it comes to allocating your marketing budget.

  1. Keep an eye on your impressions and reach. You want to always track total impressions. This is the number of times people have seen your Instagram posts. Compare this to your “reach”. This represents how many unique people have seen your Instagram posts.

Follow Instagram Hashtags - Instagram Hashtag EngagementTracking impressions is important because it helps you to stay consistent. This is important if you care about content quality. If your reach or impressions drop, it may show that your posts are becoming less popular. This is also important for measuring the impact of adverts on your account.

  1. Track which posts are most popular. Do you know which posts your audience enjoyed the most? Insights offer a visual representation of the posts that garnered the most interest. This is a great way to see what content works and what does not.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the kind of content your audience enjoys. This helps you to offer them more value. As you post more, you will notice patterns. Learn what commonalities your most popular posts share. Can you do more of that?

  1. Single post insights. This feature allows you to figure out how many interactions your post is getting. It also gives you a sign of the total reach your post has.

You can maximize the success of your Instagram marketing. But first, you need to be able to figure out which posts you should promote to non-followers. This will help you to improve the quality of your awareness-building campaigns. For example, you may have found a few posts that have been popular with your audience. It could be difficult to choose which one to focus on. But, with post insights, you are able to decide which ones you should use. You base this on the recent reactions of your followers.

  1. Plan your posts. You should be thinking about your Instagram account in a strategic way. This means mapping things out roughly a year in advance. This helps you to anticipate upcoming milestones that are important to your audience. If you market to families, then Mother’s Day and school vacations are important milestones. If you market to football fans, the beginning of the season, playoff, and the Superbowl will be important. Whatever is meaningful to your followers should be incorporated into your content strategy. Make sure you have a way of marking these milestones that are unique to your business.
  2. Workshop your ideas. Even if an event is over six months away. You should still be keeping a notebook of ideas for how you are going to make it meaningful to your audience. Fill your notebook with ideas on an ad hoc basis. But, also set time aside to sit down and work out a lot of different options. This allows you to select the strongest idea nearer the time.

In your workshopping sessions, think about:

  • What you will offer to your audience.
  • Where you will shoot your content.
  • Which products are most relevant.
  • The theme on which your campaign will be based.
  • With whom you could collaborate.

Don’t be afraid to try something completely new. Stretch yourself a little and your audience may reward you with a viral hit.

  1. Get your timing down. Sharing spontaneous moments from your day is a lot of fun on your personal account. But, most of the time you want things to be a little more planned on your Instagram Business account. Pay attention to how your followers react to content shared at different times of the day. What about the different days of the week? You can use Facebook’s Ad manager to help you keep a tight schedule. This will also help you work out the ideal timing for your Instagram posts.


Setting up your business Instagram account is just the first step. Using some of the tips and tools, you’ll not only be able to get started but grow and scale your efforts easily. It takes consistency and patience to reach total domination, but we know you can get there!

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