Mar.28Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate

How to Find Your Public Facebook Page Engagement Rate

You might have many Facebook likes, but how many fans are actually engaging with your content? Engagement rate is a particularly important metric for brands on Facebook — especially ones worried about fake Likes. But how can you measure it?

Facebook Page Engagement Rate: Definition

Engagement rate for public Facebook Pages is the number of Stories Created with your posts relative to the number of fans the Page has. Stories Created refers to Likes, Comments and Shares of your posts: when a person engages with your content and it then becomes a story in their own feed.

The engagement rate ratio between Likes, Comments, Shares, and Fans allows Page administrators to assess their posts in a useful context and refine their content strategies.

How to Find Your Engagement Rate

To find your engagement rate for any public Facebook Page (yours, a competitor’s, Donald Trump’s), you will use the Stories Created pane.

First, in Crowdbabble, connect to a Facebook public Page in the dashboard by signing up and clicking the plus sign under Facebook.

For public Facebook Pages, engagement rate in shown the Overview panel of Crowdbabble, opposite number of engagements per post.

Engagement rate Facebook public page in Crowdbabble for Justin Trudeau is 31.8%

Justin Trudeau, for example, has an engagement rate of 31.8%: a relatively high rate for a political figure not currently running in an election. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, for example, currently have Facebook Page engagement rates of over 100%.

Drilling Down: Stories Created

Stories Created is one half of the equation for engagement rate. To view Stories Created for specific pieces of content, or on specific days, the next step is to select Engagement. The first page you’ll see under Engagement is Stories Created broken down by Likes, Comments and Shares. Click the legend to isolate different types of engagement.

Facebook Engagement Breakdown

To see what content is responsible for highs or lows in engagement, click on a bar and the posts on that day will appear in a table below the graph.

How to measure engagement rate on Facebook step 3

To share or download your Engagement Rate and Stories Created, use the export drop down menu. An Excel sheet of your data or a PDF that includes the graphs will be delivered to your email for the time period that you’ve indicated.

For regular, automatic updates, in Settings you can choose weekly or monthly PDFs for Facebook Pages that will be automatically emailed to you.


Crowdbabble users can access the data for any public Facebook Page. This means that you can use competitors — or brands that you aspire to — to create your engagement rate benchmark.

Once you have a percentage to shoot for based on industry comparables, Page administrators can measure each post against it, refining their content strategy.

High engagement can be difficult to attain on Facebook, particularly if you’ve organized paid campaigns or if you’ve boosted posts. Both can attract bot or fake Page likes, which like your Page once and then do not engage with any of your content, pushing your engagement rate down.

When you know how to track your engagement rate for your Facebook Pages, you can learn what content your fans value. For brand managers, that insight is priceless.